Top 5 Animal Team Combos The Rodent Tier List (Feat. 2 days ago   06:30

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coyote/badger cooperative hunting:

eel/grouper cooperative hunting:

anemone/clownfish mutualism:

oxpecker/herbivore mutualism:

tarantula/frog mutualism:

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I’ve heard rumors about secret servers in underground lakes under ice caps, is this true?
god is here
Prey Mantis tier list
matthew sommers
Can you make a video on the platypus
Solar _
Could you make a video on the river meta
Rogue Gamer
As usual, an absolutely flawless transition to the sponsorship
Pic Pac
Please make marine mammals top tier list.
The comment about the seal just killed me :D :D
Still waiting for the "Aliens" update.
Borei Alas
why have I not heard of the frog cooperating with tarantulas thats friccen sick
Honestly, no idea how I didn't find this channel earlier. The way you spun a saturated topic on youtube(animal facts) with your own creative edge by imagining it as a game simulation makes this content a fun to learn(other channels just spewing animal facts can get boring),amazing and unique experience. I salute you fellow meme friend!
Tim The Enchanter
At 4:52, that’s actually a Brazilian wandering spider that picked a fight with a tarantula hawk. An unstoppable force meets an immovable object.
Tristan Halom
Make platypus i think the are aliens :)))
Andrew William
Do the Bovine tiers
Spruce bruce
you should go check out paleorewind 2018
Threader Pierceval
Cthulu build when?
Can you talk about the lastest patchnotes covering the changes on some of the builds?? I think it may help me decide which one I should use for my next playthrough
Xyrios Tynes
With Fight Crab becoming a thing, I'd love to know which species of crab would be most effective for: dodging, using, or resisting medieval weaponry, firearms, and rockets. Not to mention the length of legs.... Thanks for reading and acknowledging this joke of a comment. Bye.
are cockroaches op???
Jet Addict
ffs tierzoo i always get the urge to boot up osrs whenever i watch your videos
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The Rodent Tier List (Feat. Top 5 Animal Team Combos 2 days ago   10:20

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