Backup data with External Clone/Copy EVERYTHING including Windows 3 months ago   06:44

ITC Austin
How to backup your data using an external hard drive. In this video you will learn how easy it is to backup your data on your computer using an external hard drive. I will show step by step on how to backup your data on your computer to an external hard drive.

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Valera Ashcraft
Thank you!! Very helpful!!
belash sharma
Dinesh Raja
Carlena Myrick
I have backed up all my music files to an external hard drive for djing purposes and spacefrom my laptop. Lost/left the hard drive is there any way to recover/restore this music back on my laptop without the lost harddrive? Currently no files will play inside my dj/music software without the harddrive?
mumble, mumble.... i DON'T WANT TO BACK UP...i WANT TO USE IT TO KEEP INFO i CAN ACCESS LATER..... i want to move the info of my lap top and access it on the external...dah! can this be done?
what the fuck ??
andre kepner
This is the only video that actually showed me what I was looking for! Thanks! Thumbs up.
Stephen Neate
so much waffle and it ends up being a copy and paste job!!!
I have a lot of porn. I need 5TB.
Fantasaic Productions
Why did i find this in 2017
Steven Hacker
Too verbose! BACK UP not drag and paste.
Hey Eric, I've Saved You Tube Music, on my Installed REAL PLAYER-How would I ADD That to my External Drive?
Also, some of my CD Music I've Stored in Windows Media Player.
Janice Smith
He's seen a 1TB hard drive for as cheap as 7-9 dollars?! WHERE?? On Amazon it's from 60 bucks and up. And why did he bother with a video tutorial, when we're staring at his desktop? It would've made a better blog...maybe.
sue B.
Thanks Eric, really clear directions.  I'm very grateful. :-)
Shervan Qamshlo
imporing video
Erman Guleryuz
can you pls help me? how can i back up my files from external to pc? IF i can not open my external????? pls help meeee
Josephine Christensen
Thanks Eric  - great external hard drive back up video
Julia Wilson
Hi. Great explanation. So if I bought a new computer, how would I transfer the data from the external hard drive to my new computer?
Jonas Antoine
Hi I'm looking to backup all my files and programs that's on my c: drive how you do that and once I backup all the files and programs can I clear the c: drive mys is full?
lola bola
hello i have windows 10 and my pc's hardware is splitted in two pieces as if it is two different computers in one. i want to upgrade my pc from 32 bit to 64 bit (it is capable of that i searched it) how can i do back up? will i lose everything if i dont? i mean even the programs or only the file videos photos etc?
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Clone/Copy EVERYTHING including Windows Backup data with External 3 months ago   16:09

Macrium reflect download:
Take a backup of your personal files and folders before you perform any sort of procedure in this video.. Hard drive cloning is a complicated process and if cloning fails you could loose all your data.
Make sure you follow every instruction STEP BY STEP missing any instruction can cause cloning to fail

Don't make dumb comments like "why the fuck you need 3 drives" "you don't need a external drive to do this" If you do so I will moderate, also many people don't own a desktop or even if they do many are not power users like us so keep that in mind thanks. Don't like it? go watch thousands of other drive cloning tutorials on YouTube.

Disclaimer: I have been cloning drives without any problem for the past few years without any issues with this exact same method, if in case if it fails its likely that you didn't follow step by step instructions or might be a case of bad cables or in very rare case hardware incompatibility. I wont be held responsible for the loss of your data since I have already asked you take a BACKUP of your personal files.

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