How to backup your iPhone to Apple's What Is "Other" In iPhone Storage? 3 months ago   02:55

Your iPhone's photos and data should always be backed up, and Apple's iCloud is the best way to do so. We'll show you how to enable iCloud Backup, and how to troubleshoot issues like maxed out iCloud storage.

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KaneBruce 05
When you back up does it show your search history even if you deleted it
sad boi xx
I bought the extra storage but It doesn’t show up
Akhilesh Sharma Pandit
Thanx bro for explaining.
CoWbOyKiLLa657 _
How do I backup photos
Somone Inspired
My storage didn’t work so I tried it and it wouldn’t gimme all my 50s
Mohammad Ridhwan
switch to samsung soon icloud back up 5gb what a twat
20 December 2018 Thursday 8:41 PM : 2nd time this week with Apple Support : tonight from 7:56 pm to 8:37 pm = 41 minutes telephone support, plus ~ 40 minutes earlier this week : May 2018 spent $1,378.30 for this new iPad Pro : still iCloud email does NOT function properly : during ~ 1985 , nearly thirty-four / 34 YEARS ago was sending and receiving emails instantaneously : now 2018, almost 2019 = Apple is sh:t Sh:t piece of SH:T
Dipesh Maisuriya
I backed up and got nothing back....
Raptor Raps D
Hector *Easiest way is to use website: BYPASSLOCK ,COM*
Will these save my iMessage messages on 11.2.2
J.J nm
I have a 200 GB now but I still can’t use it , when I open my offloaded apps the message pops up and saying you don’t have a enough space ?!? What’s the problem? Plz answer?🙁
Dr Dimento
Great video, thanks. One question, with iCloud backup, will it back up all data within apps also? That is, if I have a game app and it has data in it, will that be stored also? Also, if I have a separate photo/video app will it also backup all the photos and videos in that app?
Beth Plays
Please for the love of god if you watch this, do this. Wow it sucks having to do a restore
Raphael Hanna
Joe Green
Thanks man
iCloud is not backing up all videos, called customer service and they did not know what the issue is. I'm missing 3 videos and they are not as long as the ones that uploaded, someone please help!
This was very helpful. Thank you, Thumbs up!
I wanted to get rid of the notification
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What Is "Other" In iPhone Storage? How to backup your iPhone to Apple's 3 months ago   05:20

Two Apple experts explain what “Other” is in iPhone storage and show you how to remove it. “Other” can be a lot of things, but it’s usually cached photo, music, and video files.

There’s no magic button that just erases all the “Other” on your iPhone, but you can do a few things to cut it down:

1. Clear Safari history and website data
2. Set Keep Messages to 30 Days
3. Offload some of your apps

If all else fails, DFU restore your iPhone!

DFU restore iPhone 7 or earlier:
DFU restore iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone X:
DFU restore iPad:

Check out our article to learn more about “Other” on iPhone Storage:

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