Ukraine War Front Line: Possible Hunting Separatists in Eastern Ukraine: 2 days ago   20:34

Patrick Lancaster
Is there a pending Ukraine War Chemical Weapons & False Flag Attack? I went to the Ukraine War front Line near Gorlovka to find out.

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Victor Ivanov
The most I fear is that this chemical attack trick worked in Syria and the so-called 'peacemakers' invade and destroyed the country...if this happens in Ukraine it will be 50/50 for both sides and the reasons why is that Russia will be blamed for using chemical weaponary against Ukraine while in fact Ukraine used it against themselves AND on the other hand I believe that could open more peoples eyes that the war is controlled by the anglosaxon oligarchy... I hope that there will be no chemical usage after all but...let be realists...
Hope that Russia will manage to save the rebelled people of east Ukraine because if their army fail these people are doomed...
Brothers do not lose hope, the Bulgarian people suport you unlike the corrupted government!
С нами Богъ!
Rota Campos de Cima Serra
null nulll
The interview was great but could you put the subtitles up sooner and a bit longer they seem to come after their done speaking like. But if Ukraine follows through with these chemical attacks it could bring this war to the headlines again
Jay Hawley
Damn man when does the madness stop. I could definitely see this type of situation happen. Now that I think about it, I'm kinda surprised they haven't done it already. And perfect timing with the navel incident that just recently happened. Great job Patrick, keep the news coming . If it wasn't for people like you alot of people would not know what's really going on in Donbass. I support you and the LPR and DPR. They deserve there independence. Greetings from North Carolina. God Bless...
*Патрик! Вы и Грэм Филлипс единственные журналисты,кто освещает ПРАВДУ западному миру,о совершаемых ПРЕСТУПЛЕНИЯХ на Донбассе,украинской властью,силами ВСУ и нацистскими батальонами! Тем самым,Вы с Грэмом, разоблачаете лживую пропаганду украинской власти! Цель которой,СКРЫТЬ ВОЕННЫЕ ПРЕСТУПЛЕНИЯ – совершаемые против мирного,гражданского населения ДНР-ЛНР! Спасибо ВАМ Патрик за ПРАВДУ! Храни Вас Бог!!!*
Atlanta Bill
The fact that the officer can stand up without fear shows that the DPR has good reconnaissance. That's critical.
king 40
Russia keeps useing this chemical strategy like they are preparing to use them against them selfs lmfao Russia is a bunch of liers
Mini Nuke81
It's hard to believe anything coming out of the DNR
Brandon Vogler
My only question is why did you zoom in on his radio? Wouldn't be wise to take a chance of showing their frequency to everyone.
Jozef Ciszewski
Grate video from the world to see. It's cold out there, hope you have a mikky under your coat. Stay safe brother.
moomin troll
Good work Patrick, great to see true reporting from where the real story is at. As the last comment suggested,get a plate on between yourself and the cold air! Those ukie snipers would get a medal for silencing these reports!!
Stan Kormy
It’s going to be on like Donkey Kong!
Infidel Atheist
Khazar jew Valentyna Lyulya interviewed by TV Czech Republic. What is never talked about. Right sector is a Khazar Jew organization, Right Sector are Khazar Jews of the organization," The friendship of Ukraine and Israel". Khazar Jews leave Ukraine to train and serve in the Israeli Military ."Chairman of the association of jewish Organizations",Khazar Jew Josef Zissels was a leader of the Maiden 2014. KhazarJews of his organization are members of the Right Sector. Khazar leader Jew Menachem Mendel Schneerson said in 1994."Khazar Jews should murder and enslave the goyim in Ukraine and Russia. Create the conditions of survival in Ukraine. No jobs for the goyim ,high cost of rent, utilities and transportation. Fear for life, fear in the workplace, fear the future, govern by fear.
I am reminded of the "phoney War of WWI"
Moor Cat
Good like :)
Combat Bananas
It would not surprise me at all. Same type of shit was done in Syria.
Not surprised if it's true. It's Ukraine after all. Other than that you need a plate carrier pal
Patrick Lancaster
Please let me know what you think?
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Hunting Separatists in Eastern Ukraine: Ukraine War Front Line: Possible 2 days ago   11:46

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Although Pro-Russia separatists have been largely driven out of Donetsk and Luhansk, they still control significant parts of eastern Ukraine. In this dispatch, VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky goes hunting for separatists with Oleh Lyashko, a Ukrainian politician who placed third in the most recent presidential election. Ostrovsky embeds with Lyashko's personal security forces as they successfully track down Viktor Rybalko, a pro-Russia separatist who organized the referendum in Luhansk calling for independence and allegiance with Russia. What Lyashko does is technically illegal, but he believes that the police are not doing their job and has taken it upon himself to bring order back to eastern Ukraine.

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