I shot a WEDDING on my iPhone! MOBILE How to Film A Wedding | Job Shadow 3 weeks ago   12:58

Peter McKinnon
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Thank for shoot on phone ~~
Onefoot Atatime
Hi Goldilocks you’ve changed
Great video
The Pogi
I'm smiling with your whole video. New subscriber here.. 😍
Geek By Nature
Peter I loved to know more about how to shoot and what to look for and stuff
Claudiu Daramus
Damn, those photos look amazing, skill makes the difference.
Crystian Default
0.21 sorrrryyyy, i know how you did it all, but still a nice effect
Pramodit Pradhan
I saw him. Drop it... Lol
what is your opinion on vsco?
Amado And Tina
Amazing thanks for sharing!!!
Rob Eardley
Great shots. I love shooting weddings and have been both the working pro and the irritating guy shadowing the photographer. Both are great fun. Just proves if you have the eye for a great shot, it's not all about the equipment. Although that said I would still prefer shooting it with a 5D and some decent lenses over an iPhone but as a guest, iPhone all the way for convenience and speed of editing and sharing.
The Nina
I love those shelves behind you!
Mark Crane
Once you realize he's Tom from The Blacklist you can't unsee it.
Sarvesh salelkar
Now every wedding photographer will check invitees list for your name for sure before taking the assignment 😂😂😂.....
Russell L Henderson
Twist - Peter randomly hid at someone's wedding and took shots
Link to your drone does not function
Flary Fox
How did you get the shallow depth of field on some of those shots? Did you just blur the background with the app?
Auvishek C. Dipta
Try pics art
it contains everything, everything you can imagine
Wendy McGath
I watch a LOT of photography videos. Yours are, HANDS DOWN, my favorite. I always pick up something, from inspiration to a cool filter. . . .
Lmao one day I hope to be as interesting as him in my videos ! GREAT VIDEO!
Mcgrable D
I just love your video man. Very much
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How to Film A Wedding | Job Shadow I shot a WEDDING on my iPhone! MOBILE 3 weeks ago   09:48

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