Why “Buy one, get one free” isn’t China's "No solution Don't care" 1 day ago   03:55

For a thrifty shopper, a “Buy one, get one” (BOGO) deal can sound like the best way to get more bang for their buck. But the appeal of BOGO is why it’s hard for consumers to see it for what it is.

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BOGO is meant to get you to spend more money, not less. The deal disguises the fact that, unless you already intended to buy two items, it really isn’t all that big a discount.

The Goods by Vox explains what we buy, why we buy it, and why it matters.

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Anne Wagner
I have noticed myself that Amazon meeps the same sales for months to years. There is some expensive stuff I keep in my wishlist for long so I see that after months it’s still the same.
Chris Calderon
Going to return the games I bought at GameStop from the Buy 2 get 1 free sale, Used games.
Khoo Productions
tell me something i don't already know vox !
I wanted to buy a galaxy note 9 at like 1000$ I was gonna buy it anyway but they had a bogo deal and now I split the cost of the monthly payments
Sea Jay
Hot Topic's buy one get one 50% off 🗿🗿🗿
ConFall '
Because communism hasn't worked
Kevin Booth
... This video is sooooo bad I don't even know where to start.
It's absurdly misrepresentative and used cases where there actually is utility in the deal... I really thought you'd have something more informative.

Raise your standards.
When I went to buy gaming key board on new egg it was 258, but the same key board was 138 at best buy.
What's the point of the Burger King segment? This price discrepancy isn't addressed in the rest of the video
Fractalis Omega
It is a deal.... you just have to call them on BS and point out that it's advertised at X price....
King Cyrus
I’ve been waiting for someone to finally address this! People fall for this everyday!
Seventeen Summers
At pacsun all clearance items are BOGO. If im getting a shirt that I already wanted and is already 50% off the regular price and then find something cheaper than that item whether i want that 2nd item or not i am still getting it for free and not paying more than I should be. Sometimes I’ll find an item i can get free then flip it and sell it for more than even the sale price of that item. This video is not representative of all BOGO cases...
How the hell do you get ripped off at Burger King? I mean, you pay before you get your food, so it should be easy to know how much you should pay for a BOGO deal.
The price should be the same as the regular price for one burger on the menu. And if it isn't, it's not an honest BOGO deal. So you BOGO out of there.
Ron Villejo
I think the lesson learned here is to be aware of what we want or need, before heading out to a shop or restaurant. It's easy enough most times to check the stated price of an item against what we're being offered. Again it's good to be mindful of what we're looking for and pay for. For instance, it costs $12 for a full carwash at one locale, and that's actually more than reasonable in our neighborhood. This place offers 2 carwashes for $18, meaning a 50% discount for the 2nd one. Maybe the majority of customers fail to cash in on the 2nd carwash, before the expiration date - in which case they end up paying 50% more for that 1 carwash. But you see in my case, I wash my wife's car, go home, then come back right away with my daughter's car - as planned. This BOGO affords me a 25% discount for each carwash, on top of an already good deal to begin with.
Hugo Fernandez
Of course isnt as great as it sounds but they use it for make you consume but not at a higher price you still get 2 items with a lower price, and yes you spend more than buying one buy but if you later buy one againg you would spend more at the long run
stop exposing us pls :(
Ryan Linden
Should be illegal to charge anything more than ZERO if it says FREE.
Ryan Linden
I just hate coupons period. Get rid of coupons and lower prices all together.
Brett F
Kohls doesnt do this at all. They are angels.
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China's "No solution Don't care" Why “Buy one, get one free” isn’t 1 day ago   18:31

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China has a phrase, and it's "mei ban fa". You will hear this everywhere you go. Can you fix this? Mei ban fa. It's used to push away or redirect responsibility. China has a very indirect culture when dealing with things like this, so the phrase can be useful in keeping with that habit/tradition.

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