Ukraine says Russia opened Ukrainian and Russian soldiers face 1 day ago   02:34

The Ukrainian military said that Russian boats had opened fire on and seized three of its ships near Crimea, escalating a standoff over the Kerch Strait, a waterway that links the Azov Sea with the Black Sea. In a statement, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said the small gunboats Berdyansk and Nikopol and the tugboat Yana Kapu were attacked.

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Syrup Snake
Wow, once again, media is twisting everything to make it look like Russia was behind all of it, all Russians did was slam into a trespassing ship, they did not fire at it, I am not sure what happened after but I am sure they apprehended everyone in that ship.
Russia gratulation from Poland . Fuck bandera
Aleksandar Lapsinski
Inče CNN uvjek govori istiniu. Govna americka
Doctor Z
Someone replied and then removed his comment. He said, "Its' Ukrainian territory". Well, in your dream, comrade! Russians are all over it like a sumo wrestler! You want it back? Fight Russia! Can you? You sure can, you brave idiot, but the thing is, Russia can destroy Ukraine (and all you stupid fuck Ukrainian Nazis) with a push of a button. Who the fuck are you to fuck with a giant like Russia? You are NOTHING, ZERO, ZIP, NADA. You are SHIT!
Meanwhile the asians are watching this while eating sushi.
stoner gamer
Putin is doing what Hitler did in the Rhineland
Azka Ramadhan
Ukraine and Russian? Why not both?

ELENA Toys and Fun
This is what will happen soon.
Russia will attack Ukraine
Serbia will Attack Bosnia Kosovo Hungary and Croatia.
Greece will attack Albania and turkey.
Romania will attack Hungary and poland.
Don't be fooled by Russia's bluffing.
The Russian Navy has been keeping announcing plans of building behemoth ships, such as the Lider-class destroyers (15,000 tons) or the Goshokov-M class ( 8000 tons), (not to mention the 100,000 tons+ "super carrier" project), only to see the plans quietly slipping into oblivion after making a buzz on social media. None of these "big ship" projects make to the actual construction timetable in the navy's official acquisition report up to 2027. The official reason given for the endless delay of almost every project is "budgetary constraint".
If you compare the grandiloquent announcements by the Russian naval officials with the actual record of Russian navy's shipbuilding, the contrast is mind-blowing. The only capital ship (as opposed to small corvette and missile boats) the Russia navy managed to build over the last two decades is a single ship: the 4500 tons' Admiral Goshokov. It took 12 years to complete after 5 rounds of delay. The reason was simple: finance is just one factor - the primary cause is the state of near-collapse of Russia's shipbuilding industry, which only had a paltry legacy to begin with (knowing the Soviet Navy allocated the works of Capital ship construction primarily to Ukrainian shipyards), and had been starved of investment and tech-update ever since the USSR's dissolution. Due to such irredeemable atrophy, Russian navy was not only unable to acquire adequate capital ships, but also incapable of fully self-building small vessels such as the corvettes it's so fond of showing off: the Karakurt-Class uses German engines, and the Gremyashchiy-class has to obtain its engines from China. All corvettes construction came to halt after the Ukraine conflict due to the Western/Ukrainian embargo (except for a few near-complete vessels already had the imported systems on-board). A solution to that dilemma is nowhere in sight. The only >10,000 tons surface ship the navy was close to acquiring was the Mistral amphibious assault ship imported from France. (The last time the Russian Navy imported a capital ship from a foreign country was 1903, when Nicholas II sat in Kremlin.)
Unfortunately the deal floundered due to the post-Crimea sanction. The rest of the picture is just as bleak. Its newest Lada-class submarine was rejected by the navy itself, due to quality issues after 13 years' developmental protraction. The revised Lada will not feature AIP propulsion, making it the only non-AIP class submarines in the post 2010 era. Even a non-lethal landing ship (Ivan Grent) took 14 years to build - the only new support ship to join the navy since the demise of USSR. Those are just the tip of the iceberg of the long-trend of Russia's naval decline.

So what's the reality about today's Russian Navy that world-wide military pundits have long had consensus on? It's a navy that still has some potent Soviet era legacy ships, but is increasingly withering into a green-water navy capable of little beyond coastal defense. Not only it had fallen miles behind the Royal Navy, the French navy, the Chinese &Japanese Navy, its surface fleet has been outclassed even by Korean, German, Italian, Spanish navies, etc. (Even Norwegian navy has a number of brand-new 5000 tons+ stealth frigates - far more powerful than the best counterpart the Russian Navy possesses. ) The very mention of any parity with the US navy is as laughable as the boast of North Korea about its matching the South Korea in economy.

Why on earth would Russian Navy embarrass itself by keeping sailing a decrepit carrier belching black smoke as if it were from WWI and constantly accompanied by towboats due to frequent breakdowns? Because that's one of the few bluffing pieces left in the Russian arsenal that can continue to project at least a semblance of a Great Power image. Once those pieces are gone, and make no mistake they will all be gone in the next decade or two, the last fig leaf of pretension will be torn away, exposing the Russian navy for what it has already became - a glorified coast guard not even in the same league with India.

So long as Russia's economy remains the size of Canada's, controlled by oligarchs, feeding off on oil and gas like Saudi Arabia, and riddled with corruption and suffering from brain-drain, it will simply have no wherewithal to invest in its industries, both fiance-wise and human capital-wise, to achieve any meaningful industrial rejuvenation. It will slowly yet steadily slide off the ladder of National Power, and increasingly lend truth to the metaphor of its being "a gas station masquerading as a country".
Of course, Russian apologists (not to mention the trolls) will never admit to it. They will keep resorting to the classic sour grape defense and carrying on with their pompous braggadocio. In the meanwhile, ships will keep disappearing from its navy just like the money from its citizen's saving accounts and the well-educated young talents from its job market. Who will be happy? Well, certainly the Chinese, who will watch with a glee and an eye fixed on the map of the depopulating Siberia, while the Russians were busy provoking NATO.
ven lafaxine
Fck Russia those communist buttholes. The 🌎 bully.
AsiA I.
israel needs to be destroyed asap
AsiA I.
you UkrainE badgeRs better not do Americas bidding you will ruin your life.fight for your country is honor but fighting because someone (America)causing problem  then you really should be asking yourself what are you fighting are risking your life for a jews agenda.
AsiA I.
Israel America uk will be destroyeD'' because of you 10,000 casualties in deatH/
AsiA I.
I typed ''UkrainE BadgeR'' and it led me to this Video
so many damaged people with russia propaganda down below, repeating putin and lavrov statements word by word. i guess internal politics in US so fucked up so americans start to believe ruskies scums, sad but true
How are there even 2k people who agree with what is being regurgitated on this channel?
Doctor Z
Russians don't take no shit from nobody, do they? It was clear to them that this was a setup. They could've ignored those ships (while watching them of course), but they didn't. You know what this means? It's a message to the West that goes something like this:


Pretty convincing if you ask me.
shoni vilzi
Is another solution. Sink a big ship in Kerch strait and russian navy will be blocked in Azov sea.
Зри в корень
Ukraine is a fascist state !!!
David Reynoso
Putin stay out of Ukraine.
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Ukrainian and Russian soldiers face Ukraine says Russia opened 1 day ago   04:00

Russian troops fire warning shots at Ukrainian soldiers, after a group marches towards the Russia-controlled Belbek airbase in Crimea.

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