Can A City Run On 100% Renewable Energy? The Last Time the Globe Warmed 3 months ago   14:29

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In 2014 Burlington, Vermont became the first city in the United States to run on 100% Renewable Energy. But how do they actually do it? What’s their secret?

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Neile Lunderville, Miro Weinberger, Mike Kanarick, Dave MacDonnell, Jon Clark and the Burlington Electric Department

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Solar & wind energy is green,clean energy
" New Trees absorb more carbon than old trees "
Curt D
I thought hydro was no longer considered renewable?
ano T
One nuke plant could power almost the entire state
ano T
A city that can never grow because you don't have enough power. Chicago over a million people. What are these people doing to the fish with that hydro power?
Sebastian Altman
@5:58 Is that true? Younger trees soak up more carbon than older trees? What about that older and therefore larger trees sequester more carbon, and so the offset is negligible? I would think that larger trees can soak up more carbon because they have more surface area, volume, cells, and resources to soak up that carbon. Can I please get a citation or source for this statement?
neil kaushik
Chris Malan
According to Wikipedia Burlington only has about 43,000 people - a reasonably sized town, not a city. Try this with a population of 1million.
Keluarga Surya
Incredible city
Hydro has powered towns and cities for hundreds of years. The problem is when you say "100%" because you're then talking about the generators, steel framed buildings, copper wires to run electricity, etc.
Bob Bresnahan
This story is why I stopped talking about "renewable" energy. The reason is that carbon emissions are what we should be limiting, It's a case of being 100% renewable accurately getting in the way of eliminating carbon emissions from electricity. Remember, as we transition to EVs we'll have greater demand for electrical power plants. We'll see how much it plays out to, but it could be a lot.
LORDE 2729
i think with the tesla solar tiles those houses can make use of their roof spaces more efficiently and with the extra solar panel will be more then enough for a family unit of 4. i think only on peak summer and winter times they will only need to draw power from the grid cuz of AC and heaters . but i think AC and heaters are also getting more efficient
New trees don’t absorb more carbon than older trees. New *forests* do, but that benefit is lost from selective cutting.
Tony Chalmers
Why can't they reuse the gas and waste that comes out.
Eduardo Gouvea
If i get it right they are self sufficient, for me it is also a pro.
Daniel Ly
I don’t know if burning wood chips counts as green energy.
Tom Kelly
I would love to see Stan Meyers technology or the stuff that powers UFO's or Searl Effect generators to power the world. The internal combustion engine needs to be replaced and it looks like batteries will do it but still I want to see some real sci-fi energy production to come online. I am ready to kick the oil habit and the constant need for fuel or more energy.

The bonds between atoms obviously hold massive amounts of power and when they are split we get nuclear bombs but short of that there must be a far less violent way to tap into that unlimited source of energy. Nuclear energy is fine but I don't know I am still convinced that by toying with radio frequencies, sound or magnetic energy we could hit that zero point jackpot and unleash tremendous amounts of safe, peaceful energy that can last very close to forever.

For now though I am happy with my solar panels and batteries, off grid here in Canada
Tom Kelly
Northeastern USA including Vermont is powered by hydro dams in northern Quebec. That is where your power is being bought from. The whole province of Quebec is carbon free as is most of Canada. Hydro is king here with Nuclear picking up the remainder. Wind and solar are starting to come on line too.

One city? That is cute but you gotta go way bigger then that! Vermont is a little state, why not power the whole state? I mean Quebec can do it for you really. They have some of the biggest hydro facilities in the world. Check it out. Large Nuclear and coal power plants look like childs' play compared to Quebec dams.
Tom Kelly
When it comes to ash, I just want to point out that when they study the regrowth in a clear cut forest vs the regrowth in an area that was burned by forest fire, the place that was burnt has 10x the regrowth.

So please if you burn wood on a large or small scale, bring that ash back to help the forests grow 10x better. It is a very simple task and it makes a huge difference!
TrinidadLink Live Repairs
He is FULL of BS .. He jsut want to stay n business .... Cutting trees to burn them because they grow back does nothing for increasing demand .... and carbon emissions already causing the 1 degree and we're on the way to 1.5 to lead to global flooding ..... no nuclear ... jsut solar .. we use too much electricity and want to grow with stupid demands from general public who contribute nothing to the world ... jsut consume ... entertain and continue being stupid ..... Too much waste of human resource .. We need a population decrease .... carry on ..
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The Last Time the Globe Warmed Can A City Run On 100% Renewable Energy? 3 months ago   10:54

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