New Google Photo's App! 10 cool things in Google photos 1 day ago   06:06

Copper vs Glass
In this video I take a look at the new Photo's app from Google. This is a refinement on the current app just without the heavy Google+ integration and some great new features so lets take a look.

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Ryan Barclay
really enjoying this application, this is especially useful with iPhones which have limited storage as it doesn't impact on storage due to the cloud function
antonnatte Thomas
this video has nothing to do with FOOD
Rachael Fay
hi how do I stop all my pics saving on Google photos please I only want my camera pics to save but at the min everything is saving thank you
idris kanchwala
how to download the pic back to out device?
Dhruv Mohan
sir how to sign out from google photos
Nasihat Hati
Good video, well you are the best
When you upload your photos can you delete them off your phone?
What about the new Face detection thing?
Victor Kyalo
Now I hope oems will not add their own gallery application; now that photos looks usable :)
Brahim Benzellat
Good video bro
well you are the best bro
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10 cool things in Google photos New Google Photo's App! 1 day ago   04:59

Google photos with the latest update has brought in some really amazing features which will brighten up your picture viewing experience. In this video we will see what these latest add-ons are and how to use these.

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