Alert! Ukraine president fears Breaking: Ukraine Seeks Urgent 1 day ago   05:40

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FEARS of major conflict are growing after the Ukrainian foreign minister Pavlo Klimkin vowed the country would respond militarily to “Russian aggression”, following the seizure of three Ukrainian ships.

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David Jones
This Porky face should to be removed long time ago from KGB!!! As i know all porky are good for the grill..
Peter Summersett
Trump will succeed in putting down the Ultrafakeputin, concerning the effort to conquer Europe, because, for one thing, this video is only pure Russian propaganda and lies. Can Ultrafakeputin see, yet, his own effort to conquer Europe?
muneeb tariq
Poroshenko is an asshole... his booty should be kicked
gladwin fernandes
NATO can fight only poor countries
Antonio Estupinian
Poroshenko a dog of USA, disgusting...
Axis Galaxis
Ukraines president is a dead man walking. He should flee to Russia's side before the usa assasinates him n blames Russia....its just a matter of hours to days...then only thing left to deal with will be d nazi terrorisr running amock in ukraine...nobody likes those terrorist so like isis ..they will all be liquidated...this war on lies economy is almost ran its course...
Bob Reed
This nazi needs to resign!
Aminor Amajor
No Russia has the right to produce permission to any country that wants to cross its territory. But they needs to seek permission under the international law so that misunderstanding can be avoided.
Aminor Amajor
US: we'll give you tones of weapons, so you will fight and die.
Rodolfo Bulos
Your dirty head PORCOSHENKO who created this invasion, with the request or demand for whom you obey well,DEADRAT, consider that you have a damn head, better nice to eliminate you GODAMNIT Your one of those or assciated w/ rottenshit mind BBBOOOO
Justin Edwards
Us is always helping everybody that's like Russia coming over telling us what to do with our land
Ukraine looks for trouble and then begging usa for help to spend money and warriors what a big rat cant defend itself .
Richard Henry
The problem started when Ukraine wanted to throw ethnic Russians out of the country including ethnic Hungarians
Richard Henry
What is NATO not discussing war crimes committed by Ukraine to its citizens
Adrian Finley
I think no matter what putin says or does the west want a war to save themselves political embarrassing themselves
Poreshenko steals the county for nato and America then blames Russian aggressive behaviour to go to war, do we really believe this retarded logic? The west will look like Syria and Iraq!!! Americans don't worry Russia has stated your main land ports yellow stone will be decimated so don't worry you will be at the fucking armegedon party...... No escape this time, Israel Britain the whole fucking lot, merry Christmas, not one politician in the West with any intelligence for the job, the world isn't yours
Then after it is all over.... Belive those of you still alive... We will come for you...
Support On Russia Action 100%
Jeesan Ali
I hate this type of videos containing robotic voice, if you really want to make a good video then give your original voice not robotic voice.
Fook Oh Wong
Pure garbage propaganda.
jacobandjibs Nasol
here comes america!!all talk no action.they can not even contain iran and north korea,now they are planning to cross swords with russia?good luck,kiss your cities goodbye!
Dragos Panescu
Porky is going to burn u..kraine ! No concern for the people! Full scale war with Russia!? He is on pills, or what! ?
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Breaking: Ukraine Seeks Urgent Alert! Ukraine president fears 1 day ago   10:15

Breaking: Ukraine Seeks Urgent NATO's Support As It Readies To Confront Russia

Russia’s recent action on Ukrainian naval vessels will likely top the agenda at a NATO meeting this week as the alliance searches for a robust response in the wake of the Kremlin’s latest act of aggression on Europe’s borders.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is scheduled to join other foreign ministers for the two-day meeting in Brussels starting Tuesday, where American demands for more military spending from NATO allies will also be discussed.

Kyiv has warned the likelihood of an all-out war with its neighbor is dangerously high after Russia fired on its vessels last week in the Azov Sea and detained several Ukrainian naval personnel. Moscow has blamed Ukraine for what it called a ‘provocation.’

Attending a ceremony to mark the acquisition of new military hardware Saturday, Ukraine’s president urged allies to step forward.

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