Token - No Service (Official Music Lil Peep - Save That Shit 2 days ago   03:58

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Prod. Nox Beatz

Video Directed by Ben Proulx and Token

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Moon Dark
This is fire

Oh yeah yeah
Elijah Mccalister
hope that wasn't too long for you bub. GOD Loves you and ahhh...always let that Love of the LORD's when you recognize it, lead your heart in repentance.
Elijah Mccalister
You're blinded by your own darkness in your heart bro, you need JESUS CHRIST man, don't sell your soul man, you needa real Godly friend rn bruh, you need a real friend bruh. sounds like you're hurt right now REAL hurt and misunderstood don't have to lie everywhere you go fam inorder for people to accept you, your parents just want the best for you man, you're hella young but proly older than me...I will NEVER EVER and ESPECIALLY not now tell you that you need "professional help" because no one's gonna understand you fully tbh but GOD- GOD sees your pain man, just pray to HIM fam, you're under hella pressure rn fam, remember, patients is the greatest thing possibly on earth bro- its endurance just like how I'm bouta endure some hate on me and hate on GOD, the LORD JESUS CHRIST right after this some muafreaka bouta talk about some STUPID none sense and I am not finna respond to it cause Ion need hate, I GET enough everyday. Sorry just a rant, lmmmmaaooo, but ANYWAYS man, screw it, back to what I was talking about. bro, JESUS Loves you fam, when JESUS calls ya name bro, there ain't nothing like it...shoooooohh, don't take me on that for my word, TRUST GOD and HIS Word on that fam, shhooooooott, yaknahwhatI'msayin, shoooot man,'re going through a lot and you misunderstand a lot and some if the fakest people that you can't trust your own fans. because people will hate you for doing the right thing but then when you like..idk do sum they like then they praise you, you know, this world's twisted but you have hope dawg-- the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY because GOD LOVES YOU, even if it seems like it--I mean some of them might actually care but its just, you can't expect that in all fans or really any fan really, unless you get to know them because you poppin rn so ofc everybody is finna be on your side on this side of your life but if you was regular---VERY few people would me bro I know cause its like that for you're fans would not even be here if it wasn't for you and that's a cool thing ig but we all have to wake up to I know sounds helllaaa sad...damn that does sound hella sad, oh my goodness, loll, but aye bro GOD cares and really GOD is all you need and people like GOD's church to care about you...the REAL church of GOD, and there are very few in America sadly..but I'm not finna rant about that, loll. But uhhhhm, bro I like this song you did, its really honest and transparent bro, music is an outlet to you. but ahhh people only say your "strong, you're this, you're that, bllahblahblah" because your being honest and putting yourself into a song that they think they can't do it because they're not strong themselves so they don't who else to look up to besides their favorite artist- you. Not spreading hate at all bro, just incase some wackjob tries to tell me I am, the hate is real. anyways, bro GOD Loves you bro and try going to a GOOD church bro, I have a recommendation man but you proly live far from there. repent of your sins and turn towards the LORD and seek HIS face and things will be don't get it twisted...seeking the LORD is not a cake walk, but it is the best thing to do in your life man...."For GOD so Loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten Son so that whosoever believeth in HIM shall not parish but have Eternal Life, 17, because GOD sent not HIS Son into the world to condemn the world but that through HIM, the LORD, the world might be saved." "Repent therefore and believe in the Gospel, for the Kingdom of GOD is near, and at last it is here before you." Mark 1: 15: John 3: 16-17.
Billy Fort
Don't sign put your cash into publishing your self.
Token's evolving and I love the direction that it's all taking.
why has this not got more views?!?!?!?!
Cant wait to see you in a year or two keep it up👌
Nathan Dubas
I’m sharing this mans music with all of my friends he’ll blow up one of these days❤️🙏
Dat Boi
Dude this beat and the background track really hits me deep. That buildup is intense
Derp Hero
Yooooo he's with ben proulx and project 2 like joyner was
shes hot
This is amazing! Keep it up man, loving the project so far!
Shawn Northup
I love token like for real, but for some reason I dont like this song and I cant figure out why
Cry more
aaron hagan
Token you are fire bro . I'm 23 from florida . Dope music and message. Just keep that message bro your gonna blow
Best song of the album, definitely. See ya on tour in Germany Token, I'm excited.
Token is hiphop
Nick Stone
this song hits me so hard i get chills
david helwich
People need to stop with this Eminem shit, Eminem is a all time great, but all people want to hear is “the next Eminem” there isn’t gonna be one. People gotta open up their ears and listen to these guys and enjoy them instead of constantly just jumping around trying to find another Eminem.
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Lil Peep - Save That Shit Token - No Service (Official Music 2 days ago   03:52

The Official "Save That Shit" video, from Come Over When You're Sober (Pt. 1) OUT NOW:

Produced by Smokesac and IIVI

Video Directed by Mezzy & Heavy Rayn

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