James McAvoy & Jennifer Lawrence James McAvoy & Sarah Paulson 1 day ago   03:18

The Graham Norton Show
James McAvoy will be back this week!

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JENIFER is male to female. What's the evidence? What's the proof? This is "just" a conspiracy.

Or is it? Do your own personal independent research. Try typing in Jenifer Lawrence transinvestigation. God bless
teNNy __
geez.. i'm a girl and i can't stop the urge to look at her boobs. they're REAAAALLLLYY out there huh.
Big Body Ghost
0:03 James almost caught a MeToo witch hunt
Spandan Misra
The circle game?!More like Circles.
Wayne Edes
I can't concentrate :'( perfect woman...
Ivan Langi
Everyone in middle school played this
System32 is Racist
Man I bet my wife's boyfriend is gonna love this ad!!!
Sunny M
J law why don't u wear some clothes for once
Jack Bagnall
Jennifer Lawrence 💋
Mcavoy is so good in shameless
Ceasare Flickerman interviewing Katniss Everdeen
Ray mondo
Areola Grandes
I bet Weinstein had a right blast on those Babylons
E36 Racer
If you got them out, you’d be disappointed. The ratio to her torso, waist and shoulders is all wrong
Shea sav
McAvoy did extraordinarily well to keep eye contact
General Systems Theory
Jack is as funny as a leaf blowing in the wind.
c HB
I played that game in school
Jake Rabindiran
I made £25,432 last year tax-free using matched betting ( UK Only tho) - jakerabindiran com (put a . between)
jamie shearer
She's hot
Fun people
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James McAvoy & Sarah Paulson James McAvoy & Jennifer Lawrence 1 day ago   07:36

"Glass" stars James McAvoy and Sarah Paulson take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. How did James McAvoy get so ripped? Is Sarah Paulson Canadian? Is James left-handed? Sarah and James answer all these questions and more!

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James McAvoy & Sarah Paulson Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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