US - At Mexican border, Trump threatens Here’s What Will Happen 2 days ago   01:51

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Flanked by border agents who are going without paychecks during a government shutdown, US President Donald Trump threatened on Thursday to use emergency powers to bypass Congress to pay for his promised wall on the US-Mexico border.

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The wall is there to trap you in!
Jimbo Jones
Tiny hands Trump is playing Chicken Little but doesn't realize he's telling the next president to do the same to take away your guns.
I don't think an emergency is wise, but 5 billion isn't much ~.013% of the federal budget. and of course Democrats don't know how to negotiate for what the public wants and have the crazy notion that their constituency is lives outside the border because Orange-Man-Bad. Of course people in Alaska, Hawaii and Maine are less likely to poll in favor, that doesn't mean federal government shouldn't fund the proposition of reinforcing the citizens in southern states that do. Besides France24, unlike France's Maginot line, a border wall is effective.
ATH Breas
Trump 2020..
ATH Breas
Europe needs a wall to keep out the third world that is being imported by the unelected marxists in Brussels.
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Here’s What Will Happen US - At Mexican border, Trump threatens 2 days ago   06:51

Trump threatens to declare a national emergency in order to get his border wall built, which would give him the power to shut down communications facilities, freeze bank accounts and deploy the military domestically.

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