Young Thug Paintings & Obamacare Bitcoin Art Craze & China Loves 2 days ago   21:24

This is the December 17, 2018 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:10 The city of Newark has a lead crisis on its hands. Last year, it received a state violation because it exceeded federal lead limits for drinking water. Today, as many as 22,000 homes could be affected.

9:13 A federal judge in Texas ruled that part of the ACA was unconstitutional. This time the Republican's State Attorney's General who filed this suit tried a new tactic.

13:13 The goal of this year’s UN Climate conference was to sort how countries will track and report their emissions under the Paris Agreement. And as of this Saturday, they accomplished that with more than 200 countries agreeing to emissions reduction guidelines

15:52 Miami just hosted its 17th annual Art Week. But you might know it better by the name "Art Basel." And the scene here is guaranteed Instagram bait. But this year, Instagrammers weren't just documenting the art. They were making it. Meet the mind behind one of the most popular Instagram accounts in hip hop: Young Thug As Paintings at Art Basel Miami

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Joseph Charles Colin - The NEW FACE of Art
Vice....I do Paintings with my face & sell them @ $1 Per Minute ( Value goes up $1440 every 24 hrs = $1 Per Minute )
Killing us with water, but the focus is young thug or sumn
, this fuckin country.
Odin Ponzi
Did Thugger really create the cartoon series Pingu?
We have money to wage wars but not to feed and care for our people... Greed has poisioned our hearts...
Blast men
Keep it in the ground. Now let’s go drive back to the house.
young thug is literally a goat. like he's a mammal that is closely related to sheep and eats grass all day...if that aint a goat than i dont kno wat is 😤
I’m Bad
Thought thugger chain said Slutt
Jack Burnsbaby
I wonder what kind of health insurance HBO gives its employees, I’m guessing it’s not the bronze plan at twice the price Im getting it for from Obama
Caleb Boulio
The decline and fall of the American empire
Yahya C
We are lucky to have young thug 🐐🔥the men is a genius.
this a God damn shame
Not flint dammn he went that deep
Josh Browning
Obamacare was ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL
King_Romeo 360
You got more dangerous shit to worry about living in Newark
Calojero Hernandez
Flowers and unicorn farts
Chris Ducat
11:52 I agree with Holder...there is very little competition in the health care market: private markets ARE NOT working. It's over-regulated yet also completely vulnerable to price gouging by health care corporations. It's a total mess, and there's very little price transparency for patients (who are, fundamentally, consumers of health care). We either completely overhaul how health care is presented to patients (no more "insurance either covers it or not" care accounts + all prices must be visible and clearly stated, no more hidden costs and random pricing based on arbitrary location) or we socialize the system. Congress has failed to do their job, hook, line, and sinker. Those not in favor of a total overhaul of the system need to be removed from office, and quickly.
Giant Asparagus
19:18 walks in [touching everything]
John Dough
Young thug
Thugga baby
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Bitcoin Art Craze & China Loves Young Thug Paintings & Obamacare 2 days ago   24:25

This is the May 17, 2018 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

1:54 The Philippines is the only country in the world - besides Vatican City -where divorce is still illegal and there's one major reason: the Catholic Church.

9:26 There’s a more local angle to the China trade negotiations: states have their own economic ties to China. In Iowa, a quarter of the state’s soybean crop goes to the Chinese market, part of the larger $2 billion trading relationship.

14:20 The next Census is just two years away, so the Census Bureau is preparing for the main event by running a dress rehearsal in Providence County, Rhode Island

19:02 The blockchain art craze started with these little cats which have sold for over six figures in the past

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