Why the Headphone Jack is Going EXTINCT I Bought the NEW Soulja Boy Consoles! - SouljaGame 2 days ago   06:06

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Why is the headphone jack, a long-time fixture on smartphones, disappearing?

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There is no excuse. It was wrong then, and it’s wrong now.
NilesMoon Falcon
Honestly I believe removing the headphone jack is very stupid. I am sorry but I rather not have to keep charing my "ear pods" when I can just plug in my headphones and keep using them. What's the point in removing something that keeps going like a headphone jack for something that's going to be very annoying.
Skywalker Hunter
goddamit do apple think we are avatars navi with headphone jack in our hair????
nu uuu
if all the game fix an issue with bluetooth lagging. i going to use bt headset too. but now every game i play can't use bt headset to play....
Steven Jerkins
Headphone jacks provide a path for water to get in. But, the fidelity of wired headphones and lack of dependence on a battery charge still put wired headphones into the "required" status for a headphone jack for me.
I will never fucking buy a phone without a headphone jack! It's the feature i use most besides looking at the screen obviously..
I can't even count the times I charged my phone while using headphones. I won't buy any phone that doesn't have a headphone jack and I hope many other people won't too so this madness ends soon.
If your headphones don't plug into a Jack socket, they are probably shit. The device delivering sound having no socket, well it's shit too. Getting a high end music player with really good headphones will change your view pretty damned fast. So, fuck buying stuff that removes the bits that actually work and that I see as useful. So no, I'm done with stupid. I dont need a camera in my phone, I do need a Jack. As far as I am concerned, the world just gets dumber every day.
Ummm yeah no. I’m not on board with this no headphone jack shit
Linus, you got those extra earrings from apple didn't you?
No one needs a thinner phone. Samsung has waterproof phones with a headphone jack AND S pen so fuck off with that waterproof argument. I want a 4000-5000mah phones could be a norm if companies didn't try to make paper thin phones all the time. Ask Apple, phones tend to bend when you go too thin.
Well, I'll be damned.
I still don't get why apple is as popular as it is. To me, apple started becoming insanely popular back when it started marketing Ipods.

You know, mp3 players that you have to use a proprietary software on your PC with that nobody seems to like... When other mp3 players on the market were not only much cheaper, but easier to use?

Does marketing really play such a big role that you could literally sell polished turd nuggets for 1,000$ a pop to the general population if it was marketed right?
Because, that's apple in a -turd nugget- nut shell.
Youssef Ghoneim
My question is why now? They've always been able to add new features to the phone while keeping the headphone jack, like touch ID for example. Is it really that hard to fit these new technologies with the headphone jack or is this just the easy way out?
I don't want a status symbol! I want an indestructible house brick with a screen & decent performance!
Smartphones made the headphone jack into a premium product, I think it'll be seen now as a something audiophiles would seek out.
Meow Minea
Smartphones sound like some sassy teenage girls ._.
Meow Minea
I like how he says like/dislike
Erdinç Aksoy
Unfortunately I have only one thumbs down vote
Kaio H
I would never buy a phone without a headphone jack
Blake B.
lets be honest. the ONLY reason companies are getting rid of this is so that YOU have to buy SPECIFIC headphones/earbuds to even use the feature.
which is a great way (for them) to make considerably more money while screwing us up.
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I Bought the NEW Soulja Boy Consoles! - SouljaGame Why the Headphone Jack is Going EXTINCT 2 days ago   12:34

They're not half bad...

if you don't buy them from Soulja

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