Dr. Phil's CRAZIEST Guest Ever Guest To Dr. Phil: ‘Yes, I Am A Sugar 2 days ago   10:30

Dr. Phil's CRAZIEST Guest Ever

So talkshow host Dr. Phil has had a lot of wild guests, but this person is Dr. Phil's CRAZIEST Guest Ever. I dont know if its all the spoiled kids or what, but there are plenty of Dr. Phil wild people. I think Dr. Phil needs to stick to spoiled teens.


Twitter ⭐🔴: https://www.twitter.com/ScrubbyVEVO
Instagram ⭐🔵: https://www.instagram.com/Scrubby_YT
Discord ⭐🔴: https://discord.gg/eaCJqFP
Outro Song ⭐🔵: https://soundcloud.com/pc86/openupyourheart

This is purely satire! Don’t go to these peoples channels. It’s all a joke!

Videos I talk About:

Dr. Phil Challenges 24-Year-Old Who Claims She’s The Reincarnation Of Pocahontas: https://w-vidz.com/videow/ozUEzdbsB9s

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how much money would it cost to get you guys to date her though
Cheyenne Parks
How do you know the name of the song?
Guys I think my dad is my grandfather, he has the same last name as me and I have a pet that I named after my last name.
Yujo Gaming
My dad's side of the family is jack up they thing they oun the Mississippi river
Yujo Gaming
What she call makeup is actually war paint and it's kind of raised for the elder native Americans that still do their old traditions
doctor mash
Wait i have long hair Gorge Washington had long hair...guys im royalty
Very crazy Gamer
Do you eat egg oh epic
Dmaqqmod gaming
More doctor phil
AFK Cheddar
Christians speak in tounges we aren't possessed
Zach The Otaku
Oh hey Elizabeth Warren made it in Doctor Phil!
K&M Vlogs
In school we learned that every animal is related like billions of years ago, so take that scrubby...
Rose Delaney
scrubby plz make a vid about this song https://w-vidz.com/videow/aZq2ameP2q4
Faze Blorgus
And I’m William Shakespeare
garra 124
She is either doing that marijewana or the paotye
Mike Lin
scrubby is Mark Zuckerberg...2 seconds later...HE'S WALUIGI!
Jessie DIY
I’m pale

I must be Dracula 🧛🏻‍♂️

Um I’m sorry 😐 😭

I’ll never say that again (I was gonna say Snow White)
Please react more to dr.phil!😁 i think its better than reacting to 35 year old man doing tick tocks, less suffering for scrubby😂
interstlr spac3man
I'm ugly so I'm the reincarnation of Patrick
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Guest To Dr. Phil: ‘Yes, I Am A Sugar Dr. Phil's CRAZIEST Guest Ever 2 days ago   05:14

A woman says she took her 2-year-old daughter and moved to Las Vegas after her parents kicked her out of the house for being a "sugar baby." Now she says it’s their fault she wound up in a homeless shelter.

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