Whirlpool Turbines Can Provide 24/7 How to Make Wind Turbine Generator 4 weeks ago   03:16

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This whirlpool turbine can power dozens of homes, providing energy 24 hours a day. Belgian company Turbulent have possibly come up with a solution to generate energy for small-scale rural areas. Using the power of water, the turbine can be installed to most river and canals, using the current to produce energy - which the creators claim is enough to power up to 60 homes.

Could this be the future for all energy production?

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Douglas Fox
Electric companies want you hooked to there money machines...End of Story...Yes your goverment is part of that Money Machine Mafia ...Sheeple getting Free Electric ? Never !
Harry Potter
Ashik Islam
Plz add a narrator to ur video, plz?!!!
Larry Kelly
This would really help in regions where it floods, power the area while diverting the water flow somewhere else to keep the homes and people safe.
Артем Кондаков
Кто эти люди которые поставили дизлайк под видео??
Alan Macphail
Know your water rights before you go diverting it into a turbine or mill pond. Also. just installing it in the river might be illegal. You may own the property , but you don't own the water flowing across it.
Arya patel
What if they also added a water purifier so that we can get energy plus clean water in the river
ferhat baygara
Leong Tan
It might kill somebody
secret name
We should fix pollution first in the water lol.
cuanto cuesta una turbina=... saludos desde Colombia
Sigma Savant
hydro power is the cleanest and safest. On a large scale it provides issues.
However if we construct a man made river descending to the sea which consists of basins and these water propelled alternators entirely of rocks and concrete where the homes are situated, then we can slowly dismantle unsafe nuclear power. Fukushima is a disaster that has destroyed a percentage of the world, from a tiny place like Japan. Basically one drop in the ocean of the radiating green ooze is enough to start mutating everyone.
How is this different to the current the power plants that uses water to generate electricity. They built a dam water goes under the dam spin a turbine and there we have power. So instead of blocking the water you make the water go around, same idee. Water spins the turbine to generate electricity.
A P Developments
Amazing how much power we waste on our rivers. Our river Thames has hundreds of locks and weirs all the way along. Not one generator in sight.
Prashanth P
What if the turbine blocked because of wastes in the river water. Any way it is not practical in India.
What does this do that a water wheel wouldn't? Is there any gain in efficiency?

Water wheels are not effected by debris (or easily guarded by grates etc) but turbines would be easily clogged by leaves, branches and plastics (of all types - bottles, sheets etc).
matheus do Anjo
PS Trondheim
The turbine hole seems to be where fish enter as boys and emerge, men
Hussein Abdalla
Sharmarke Ozzy
'Could this be the future of small scale energy production': No because canals and rivers are not widely available to most people. But this technology does contributes towards it.
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How to Make Wind Turbine Generator Whirlpool Turbines Can Provide 24/7 4 weeks ago   06:46

How to make Wind Turbine
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