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Donald Trump used his first prime-time address from the Oval Office to claim that a wall along the US-Mexico border must be built - in order to end what he deems a "national security crisis."

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Carla harris
Just research data over numerous years. Report the numbers for decades even. It’s all publicly available. Then report the facts. Check State dept, CBP, even crime rates by the undocumented. It’s all public record.
This is NOT a manufactured crisis
What a idiot
John Dahlke
Sorry you globalist news network most Americans do support a wall
No nation is going to be as generous as Merkel with its working class citizens taxes. Its foolish to expect Trump to equal Merkel when she set the bar so high on open borders to attract the poor from across the globe.
The key takeaways are: (1) the president is a pathological liar; (2) the president is desperate to distract from mounting evidence of his feckless incompetence and corruption; and (3) the president appears to be descending into dementia.
meow meow
Merkel calling immigration a success
The analysis provided by the so-called "expert" is woefuy shortsighted in some areas. He is correct that money saved by building a wall would not necessarily be earmarked to pay for the costs, but he also vastly underestimates how much this revenue will be, particularly for border states such as Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California. The amount of money taxpayers currently spend on deportations, fighting the drug war, and chasing down illegal aliens is no small sum. And, when coupled with the security threat that our border currently presents, as well as the complete and utter incompetence on the part of the Mexican government, a wall makes more long-term sense than any other proposed solution.
Red One
Or something like this. Learn English.
Red One
If you don't want a wall let them into home, we are paying more now with no wall. Here we have people that can barely speak English telling us what we need to do we was too nice this is what we get we let all these different people come from everywhere now they're telling us what to do flooding our country. GET the hell out of here build a wall Period.
Baron von Limbourgh
What a dumpsterfire the usa has become.
Abigail Lee
If only Trump was like the great Merkel who just let's everyone in.
Veritas Lux Mea
If you don’t live here, you dont have a clue
DW News
Will Trumps adress help him to end the shutdown and getting the wall built?
peter lee
Trump is the biggest liar and he needs to be ousted by impeachment or by vote in 2020. Be a true American, a true Christian, a true righteous human being and stand up to Trump's lies and his followers!!!!
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