Analysis: Venezuelan President Maduro Lot's Wife Pillar, Mount 2 days ago   05:12

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Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro is being inaugurated for a second term of office today, shrugging off international criticism that his re-election last year was illegitimate. And as he takes the helm for another six years, the country's battered economy is showing no signs of recovery..

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It's really annoying to see the population suffer heavily while maduro pretends like nothing is wrong
give leftist power and this happens
Anisa adilsultan shibubyya anj Anjum
John connor
Smh poor people. This dictator must leave seriously.
Steven Lee
I don't get why Americans are so invested in caring much about Venezuela. This is their hypocrisy; first, they insult, dehumanize, and scapegoat the Latin American people, and now suddenly they care about this country. Utter hypocrisy. One reason: U.S wants the oil and wants to continue raping this continent. Hope one day Latin America wakes up and seeks better alliances.
Steven Lee
Reason 1: U.S and international bank sanctions
Reason 2: U.S blocks Venezuela to trade with Russia and China
Reason 3: Surrounding Latin American governments are suffocating Venezuela due to U.S' orders
55 ostar
Why you Venezuela people put this man in office again.this man don't help you people
Bengali Logics
Similar to Bangladesh where Sheikh Hasina will be in the office for the third term. Please help Bangladesh, there isn't any freedom of press.
Those US sanctions crippling Venezuela's economy. Economic blockade on imported goods including food and medicine. US needs to interfere with other countries' affairs.
Dave Cunningham
Ah good oul socialism 🤣🤣
christopher diaz
This is where trump needs to send Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez She’s a Democrat socialist
Louis-Philippe Duval
Democratic socialism. It's all for the people - until they get elected in office
Lyn Charles
gotta love that socialism
Semáforo Verde
Bueno. SIendo justos, cumplió con su eslogan eiciencia o nada...
Kevin Porter
Maduro is a great man. I dont belive the lies my government tells me. this man made crisis is caused by the central intelligence agency.
Ruth Perez
This is what our liberals/democrats/socialist party want to do USA.
Gusti Chokorde
venezuela = north korea, which embargo by US, because communist regime.
luckily north korea have china and russia friend.
but brazil columbia ecuador doesnt want help venezuela, because right wing party are ruling.
the nearest friend only cuba and bolivia.
but they are poorer too and have got US trade sanctions too.
Gusti Chokorde
if USA so super power strong christian evangelist country, why doesnt want receive honduras guatemala even venezuela refugee immigrant to US, instead fund raising for building the border wall between US--mexico ??.
Mike Pence Rule
The United States MUST trade with it's enemies! Otherwise it's the United States fault when the enemy government fails.

Commie logic.
Dolores Amezcua
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Lot's Wife Pillar, Mount Analysis: Venezuelan President Maduro 2 days ago   10:36

The Zohar valley is identified by scholars as the Edom Way mentioned in 2 Kings 3. It hosts the ruins of a fortress and an observation tower.
Mount Sodom is made of 80% salt and is home to the longest single running salt cave in the world.
Lot's Wife Pillar is a salt pillar standing on top of Mount Sodom.

In this episode, we will explore all three by land and air.

Season 2, Episode 10

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