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Russia has deployed the advanced S-400 anti-aircraft missile system in Crimea, as tensions with Ukraine continue to escalate. The deployment comes after Russia seized three Ukrainian navy vessels on Sunday. Moscow and Kiev have traded barbs, with Russian President Vladimir Putin accusing his Ukrainian counterpart of plotting the standoff to boost his popularity ahead of elections. While Petro Poroshenko has accused Putin of seeking to annex Ukraine and urged NATO to send warships to the Sea of Azov. For more on these rising tensions, Sarah Morice has this report.

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ateng mioblack
Russian 💪💪💪💪
Russian win,,,,

from Indonesia
WW3 is starting. Where we dropping boys?
cem tas
Ряса велика росія
This will not go well for Russia .
Putin is bogged down in Syria dealing with Israel , Turkey , ISIS and the US . Spending millions . Russia has deployed forces on the western front facing ever increasing NATO MILITARY Hardware. Spending billions .
Russia may have to help Iran once the US begins the slaughter.
Now they may have to fight a war with Ukraine . There is no upside here . Ukraine will fight , they will inflict casualties , they will damage billions of dollars of Russian weapons . They will lose without US and NATO Support. This will convince the west to increase military spending and to isolate Russia economically .
Russia could face a huge defeat against the west . Let me stress this point IN UKRAINE .
Russia will obliterate any forces heading towards the homeland as would the US or NATO .
This must stay confined to Ukraine. Putin could underestimate US and NATO Resolve and face extremely destructive firepower on multiple fronts .
This is a very dangerous situation.
The US is not going to allow a small elite Russian Force to wage war in Ukraine . The US is growing more and more anxious over Putins belligerence and threats . Time for a smack down .
The West needs to arm And train Ukraine and deploy NATO forces in a defensive line against Russia. Then cut Russia off from all trade and transit from the Black Sea controlled by Turkey .
Good job Russia ..... Russia is the best to  take land  .... Russia is not so powerful .... putin its no so powerful ....  in Russia its a lot of propaganda ........ Russia its a comunist state ..... i like The Russia people but   the Guvernament from Russia its whant just war ..... in 2008  Georgia and now Crimeea ......
Jack Long
george mcelroy
The money spent on wars could cleanse the oceans, cure cancer, defy aging, and send people to the stars. But the money is in war, enslavement and external enemies.
rita hidayat
Gooo Russian.
Harry Basnet
Nato is nothing just an anti Russian troops under US
Lucky Vegan
President of Ukraine is a war monger. His popularity is only about 5-8%.
86% of people say they don’t like what he is doing.
Look it up yourself, instead of trusting main stream media.
Jebać ukraińców :)
N. Davidsng
NATO should move farther East. Russia is making their own boarders violent, turning their friends into enemies, and using natural gas as a political weapon.
Brandon Stringfield
lol Russia will chew your little army to pieces you would surrender in an hour
Van Tran
No need war, but nato must do something with Russia to stop greed of Putin. And the US must take the lead
wisc cheese
Vedra Msc
Brazil helps Ukraine to eliminate Russia
Victor Wodzien
Adam Garrie - It is Russia aggressive behavior: attacking Georgia 2008, cyber attack on Latvia, capturing American Intel officer and abducting him away from Latvia, Polish VIP plane explosion in Smolensk Russia and attacking Ukraine...
Warlock 6
I am a retired US Soldier, the US does not belong in a war between the Ukraine and Russia. You can count on Special Forces being in Ukraine right now.
Warlock 6
Angela Merkel looks like a troll.
Susan Hickson
There is no possible way Ukraine stand's a chance against Russia should a war break out. Let's hope NATO and the U.S. stay's out of this mess.
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Russia and Ukraine's conflict explained Russia - Ukraine Tensions: Russia, 1 day ago   06:10

What's going on between Russia and Ukraine? From natural gas theft to Russia's seizure of Ukrainian gunboats, here's everything you need to know about the two former Soviet states. #Ukraine #Russia #Soviet

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