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Johny Smitsky
War Diary” project | Lugansk People's Republic, Donbass | November 23rd 2017
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Mykola Kunde
This video is propaganda!
Mykola Kunde
M8 in that video the so called Ukrainian soldiers are wearing Russian snow uniforms. I and a Ukrainian soldier would never wear a Russian uniform. I'm sure that this is a fake to show how graceful the DPR acts towards Ukrainian captives while in reality they treat them like dog sh*t when their captured. Just look at the POW marches. Once you realize it's a Russian uniform their wearing and the Ukrainian uniform is easy to get a hold of if not taken off a dead Ukrainian soldiers body (that would explain the dried blood on his a**) this is honestly a sad attempt at redemption. Plus why would the recon soldier wear a camera? And do you think the mother would sound so calm. (Maybe it doesn't seem so but as a person that understands Ukrainian) I can tell you she doesn't sound like she lost her son.
M Chaney
lmfao this some boring ass shit
7:20 - from this moment I had a feeling that there is something wrong with this hill on right.
Such high density of bushes on top of hill is suspicious.
El P.
Idiots you do not go into any action in the broad daylight.
Kyle James
Russia shouldn't even be a country. The nazis should of wiped this filthy country from the face of this earth. Filthy subhuman slavs
На кого это рассчитано?))) Диверсионная группа идет на цель днем, в полный рост... Голливуд отдыхает!)))
Хоть бы документы какие ни какие состряпали... а то записка непонятная из блокнота и жетон...)))
Мельчает пропагандист!)))
You’ve met frosty the snowman
Now get ready for
Ivan the snow soldier.
Monkeyman Da Beast
What’s that song playing in the beginning I heard it before
Андрій Якімишин
садисти нелюди кацапські, надіюсь колись Америка чи Китай спалять росію до тла
I respect what they did overall, but I hope that Ukraine prevails and kicks out the Russian invaders once and for all
Blitzkrieg The Fox
They’re very nice to their enemys
Future Flash
Much respect for the Russian side
- from a kid who lives in the us
Future Flash
But dam this hurt to watch 😔
Future Flash
What happened? Pls explain 😔
C PlusPlus
Luv camouflage
Roman Fantomas
Гранатой подбили или на мину наступил?
Tyrel Bailey
what is that faint/flash/on/the/hill/at/8,17 8.18... you see it really faintly.. do yall see that too. wtf is that.
Markus Zelina
before i look this video i like russians like a country and army too but now i hate russian they are shits
Why the fuck do they keep advancing after 10:40??
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[eng subs] "Vostok" brigade (Archive) Ukrainian sabotage-recon group 3 weeks ago   17:57


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