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Johny Smitsky
War Diary” project | Lugansk People's Republic, Donbass | November 23rd 2017
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abdeldjalil derouiche
It is really sad to see a country take this path, i've seen it myself. Russia will not be with great difference, wake up people.
fuck russia and all they stand for
Doktor Jeep
Maybe I'm missing something here, but isn't an operation like this supposed to be done at night when it's easier to sneak around?
Sherlocq Holmes
Витя Гостыукхин
12:44 I hope that Ukrainian sucker died.
юрий орлов
Слава Украине
Jay N
It seems like they are treating this guy really well and being very respectful of the dead so it will be on camera and they can point to it later when they are accused of doing the opposite again. It's war so I get it, but it's still fucked.
Will Thacker
First i will say, im not, nor have i ever participated in combat (thankfully). That being said, ive studied war through history, and i can grasp the concept of using tactics and planning to complete a desired objective during a war situation. Based on this video, im concluding that this unit, dressed in white, was a small detachment of specialized soldiers, appearing to excute a sabotage or suprise attack on or of an enemy position. Other than that, nothing else makes sense. It looked disorganized & improvised. There was no regard for maintaining stealth or avoiding detection. They seemed to be confused as to what action to carry out when faced with a problem. It didn't look like they had a plan for retreat, or a grasp on the best route to follow, when advancing on the enemy position. Once they entered the trench, the mine was discovered, but they seemed unsure how to deal with it. It looked like it even distracted them from defending against incoming fire. They tracked through those trenches, heads completely vulnerable, then failed to setup any type of cover for their own while advancing. It seemed really lazy & careless. Surprising to see that from trained soldiers, operating in a professional military setting. I cant understand what they were looking to do here, or what there prior understanding of the area was. Almost like they were so calm, they had no sense of urgency or alertness to their surroundings. Very mediocre effort imo.
MadRu551an R
What kind of recon group is this? After the first shot your mission has failed. Retreat immediately.
Mike Miller
Army vet here. Why are they so close to each other ? If I threw an grenade between them. They would get fucked up. Even when I was on patrols and people were lonely and wanted to talk. I refused and told them to give me a 15M distance. I had a buddy get injured from being to close in a formation when one went off.
catyclasian 2018
They should show this video to everyone who claims war is glorious, Sometimes it's a necessity, but it's not a fucking movie..
Suikerbier _
Stupid Ukrainians fighting against their own countrymen.
Azrael ben abraha
only 28 yrs back they fought together against cia backed degenerate cousinfucking mujahids in afghanistan,,and now they are fighting against each other ...western capitalist propaganda must be proud of itself
Albino Harambe
uy suka
Ginger TheNinjer
I'm not calling you (R&U) a liar and I'm not saying you're being truthful. Anyone that would flat out believe him is looking at this situation unconsciously or consciously with one eye open. For all anyone knows, this is a propaganda piece or... they're being 100% truthful. From what I am seeing in the comments... some people think they're completely innocent and that's about as dumb as the media saying Ukraine isn't at fault in any way. Every military has their bad moments that they don't want to talk about in war. Of course they do.. they're human. I would bet money, who ever broke the agreement broke it in similar way previously and, since they did that they felt just in what they were doing. It happens in history all the freaking time.
Hannya Rodriguez Quintero
this reminds me of mw2
Bob Marley
The Russians should be left alone people are playing with fire.
fuck putin
Миру Мир
кто нам с мечом тому мы меч в жопу засунем чёёёёё дома не сиделось идиотам чечня хасан
Cody Pettigrew
Wow, I don't know if this is Russian propaganda but if not my hat goes off to the soldiers.

I watched a video the other day of the US military in Afghanistan shoot an armed man rightfully. When they went and recovered his body however they all became callous and disregarded his life. No attempts were made to ensure a peaceful death, instead he was surrounded by 5-6 soldiers with the medic hanging out in the back refusing to administer any sort of aid or pain killer.

2-3 minutes later he died and jokes started flying when the last bits of air came out of his lungs.

I know not all units are like that, and I'm sure some Russian units have done some less than honourable things but it still speaks volumes about the conflict.
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[eng subs] "Vostok" brigade (Archive) Ukrainian sabotage-recon group 3 months ago   17:57


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