REAL vs PRANK SLIME CHALLENGE!!! Who is The PRETTIEST? w/ Ronald 2 days ago   23:12

We are doing Real vs Prank Slime Challenge. Whoever can pick the real slime ingredients over the look-alike pranks is going to be the ultimate slime champion. Let's see if Karina or Ronald know their slime ingredients better!

#SlimeChallenge #SISvsBRO #FakeVsReal

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Ramniwas Singh
Wastage of magical liquid
N Channel
For the glow in the dark glues you turn off the lights if it glows, then that means that it’s the real glue
coney macalawa
Can I have a like because it's my birthday 😭
coney macalawa
Karina is 100000000000% artistic😛😝😝😝
coney macalawa
Karina is 10000000000 artistic😋😝😝😝
sheryll abejuela-oseo
Can i have a likes cause its my birthday today
Kim Eng Gan
Are u in malaysia and is this in 6-1-2019
Summer Adams
I love karina❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕
James' Toy Takeover
wow guys you really know your slime, like slime Doctors!
Eujen Joseph Vargas
cheater karina
Maria Markuss
Good videos sis vs bro
Eliana Palavicini
Như Gia
I live in Canada
Ed C
This is Eeyore🐶
Alishawney Dennison
I love slime so much I love how you guys make slime on Shawney
princess sharon javier
winner is karina
Danika Tatana
When you guys said smell test I had food in front of me and then I started smelling because you said smell test
Chloe Wilson
Karina is goona win
CHLOE kurk
Rong ald
Hannah Guyer
I thought Ronald was going to win but I was wrong good job
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Who is The PRETTIEST? w/ Ronald REAL vs PRANK SLIME CHALLENGE!!! 2 days ago   26:53

We are dressing up in fabulous clothing, yeah!!! Let's play Fashion Frenzy with Ronald.

My Dad's gaming channel is Freddy:

My Brother's gaming channel is RonaldOMG:

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