Lionsgate & YT Copyright Claims are out of Control! angry lady yells at kid for standing 2 days ago   12:43

Lionsgate seems to be bullying us on Youtube over the years by manually claiming our Movie Reviews & Trailer Reactions and I AM SICK OF IT! In addition, Copyright Claims are starting to get OUT OF CONTROL AGAIN on Youtube while fewer people have been paying attention since the last time. Here is the full story and my angry rant.
I'm submitting my dispute and supplementing it with this video during the dispute period.

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Sampai Gaming
Shame on u liongate.
Sorry to hear about what happened dude, that is a real crap go and I hope you win your claim! Thank you for sharing this!! :)
I'm upset because this company wants to make money but I can't make money, blah blah blah. It's all about the money and the reason why I ONLY support small channels now. The fact that you're sitting here crying about it when you make more on old content than new stuff. GTFO
FAO Lionsgate employees, I would officially strongly advise the public to create negative reactions to Hellboy and all other movies. A citizens direct order. Official from myself a citizen.
Sidney Riggan
I'm sorry but the people in these corrupt companies who do this deserve to die in a car crash, this is so petty and so scummy, censorship of opinion, i wish the worst things on these pos corporations and their copyright claims
Grim Reaper
Couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.
Momchil Andonov
Obviously Lionsgate are greedy for cash coming from ads rather than ticket sales...
Big Moe
First the vader fan film, now this garbage.

We need a Roosevelt to give these fucks a lesson.
Madden Moneyshot
That trailer looked like shit anyway. Now it will be a lot easier to boycott it. Fuck lionsgate
Lixxie Licious
I don't even think they flag Youtubers like this for money; I think they do it as a punishment to whoever has negitive views about something they made or produced.
Daniel W
@AngryJoeShow Upload the video on another host or site and do trailers to them on youtube with links in the comment section, akin to what James (AVGN) did back in the early days. Maybe have some ads on the site or something, at least nobody can "claim" your trailer video. Or so I hope..
Sounds like someone should get a Job
Jay Remie570
Fight all that silence those with differing perspectives. This is madness and outta control. Don't back down, we need the big voices to lead the restistance.
So let me get this straight. Fair Use which is obviously the case here and The Angry Joe Show gets copywriten, But their is no Punishment for putting in False claims over and over why don't they Give these Lionsgate people a strike from them being able to claim on You Tube give them the Ban Hammer.
I AssinJar
I get lionsgate is being a shitbag but don’t you think this is more of YouTube’s fault?
BlkMarket TV
If your not doing a family channel they are with the bullshit no room for real on youtube
joshua Crawford
Yeah bro the copyrights are getting crazy I got one for doing a bird box challenge wear I played a drum cover blindfolded mine you that the song was Non copyrighted music smh 🤦‍♂️
Darth Stevius
What I would recommend, start a boycott of lions gate
soo lets say u have an average of 60000 views per video watching a trailer worth 1 cent per view in add rev, x 300 vidoes watching trailer. thats 180k... over the life of the watches...... Pay intern watever the fuck, lets say 30k for a year... thats still 150k profit off a that over and over, it adds up
Why can't they just take the criticism and learn from it, the new hellboy is obviously way out of place, you can't force people to like something they don't like, if you want good feedback (and more money through sales, merchandise ect...) then make a better movie, its as simple as that! Bring Ron back!
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angry lady yells at kid for standing Lionsgate & YT Copyright Claims are out of Control! 2 days ago   15:47

angry lady yells at kid for standing in road.. These people get so mad. I think everyone just needs to calm downnnnnnn.


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