Warming up inside northern French Maximilien Robespierre: The Reign of Terror 1 day ago   05:17

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As winter continues, we head to some traditional French bars in northern France. Our evening begins in Cassel, where we eat and listen to music in a convivial setting. Manu, the owner, likes to tell local stories. In another tavern a few kilometres further on, we play traditional games that entertain young and old alike! FRANCE 24 takes you to discover these local watering holes.

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Screw The Net
A french man playing the bagpipe...BRITS REEL AND RUN in fear! roflolmfao
unpaid troll
this is the closest thing to real journalism you will get out of France24 this year.
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Maximilien Robespierre: The Reign of Terror Warming up inside northern French 1 day ago   24:50

Maximilien Robespierre promised to usher a fairer, more representative form of government to the French people. What they got was a reign of terror that saw thousands facing the horror of the guillotine.

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