THERE'S NO WAY THIS IS REAL!!! | Jacksepticeye's THE BEST OFFROAD TRUCK? LKS Prerunner 1 day ago   15:15

Vacuum your hair away
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L A U G H!
Ja'Nice Walker
pk Im sorry but youre not supposed to wipe back to front anyway... this product gave a lot of people a yeast infection
Dat One Guy Bobby
Uro club 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Friend: "Hey can I borrow your golf club?"
Me: "Sure."
Friend: "Why is your golf club sloshing?"
Me: :|
Friend: :|
Tasha Jenkins
How can a vacuum cut hair?
idoit 101
The makers of this commercial. A TUNIC is NOT a DRESS! no where near it, people. Not.a.dress.
Máriám El Morśy
Sean looks like a baby with a beard , or a 2yr old who hit puberty 😂
Emma AppleSpring
10 seconds in and he already makes me laugh =3
Sprite cranberry
Great *L A U G H*
gacha potato
My step dad has something that is kinda like the hair thing. It attaches to our vacuum
Thunder Stunt
Oh yeah yeah
Connor Steeves
Whats your guys fav song mines 2nd hand
Patrick Urrutia
I have a friend who calls my Giggly JigglyDick because I laugh at LITERALLY everything xDD
Ayden Mudge
only series on this channel I like
Griffin Lepage
The comfort wipes meaning is for people with disabilities that have someone you know clean there sh##
...12:40 gave me some Sally Face vibes though 😂

Larry: “Woah, nice mask!”

Sally: “...It’s a beauty product.”
William Boles
Jack, you wipe your butt with the comfort wipe!
Jerry Gonzales
Why do males have to show their nipple with that towel thing
Haley H
Was that the Keemstar music???
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THE BEST OFFROAD TRUCK? LKS Prerunner THERE'S NO WAY THIS IS REAL!!! | Jacksepticeye's 1 day ago   41:29

It's a pretty good one, and it really might be my favorite. Fun fact, this was recorded a day or two before Christmas.



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