DVD-RAM: The Disc that Behaved History of Rome - Documentary 2 days ago   17:52

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DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW ain’t got nothin’ on my man RAM. Oh yes, DVD-RAM, the format of mild obscurity which seems like it should have been friggin huge. Alas, it was but mildly useful.

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Bruce Kives
The DVD-RAM's sibling, pre-segmented Magneto Optical disks, did get a lot of use in the Enterprise Computing space. I have seen them used in database transaction logging and backups. While they are almost gone, being replaced by spinning disk SANs, I have customers that still have a few operating MO jukeboxes.
Guig Esprit du Sage
I also had a Panasonic set top video recorder based on DVD-RAM. My computer's DVD burner was compatible with it, and I found DVD-RAM was awesome, but mine was also 3x speed and I had never been able to find "fast" DVD-RAM media.
The DVD recorder is broken, but I still have the DVDs.
Sometimes, I was using the DVD recorder to save some movies or series and them, I was putting the disk on my computer and converted them into DivX...
James Neave
Could you plug a USB DVD-RAM drive into the USB socket of your DVD player?
And it presents itself to the drive as a USB mass storage device?
Neo Hideo
I had Panasonic DVD-RAM disc and used it on my NEC CD/DVD pc drive :) and NEC drive still works and it is over 10 years old
Can you make a video on Sony's Minidisc?
I don't remember the name, but there was a tool to make CD-RW disc behave like floppy formating them with sectors and writing/deleting files like on normal drive. Perhaps it was even within Nero Burning ROM, I just don't remember the name of this feature.

Anyway I tried to used it, but it led to obvious problems. Other computer had to have drivers installed for such disc format. Even after most of my friends
installed them, we found that it's just simpler to just use multi-session writes.

Easily rewritable storage was needed for documents and other text/numerical data based file formats and for those 1.44MB floppies were still sufficient most of the time. It was easy enough to split ZIP or RAR archive over multiple floppies, so it was good enough and every computer had a floppy drive.

CD-ROMs and later DVDs with their write once recordable media killed the need for anything better than a standard floppy for a long time, and then flash memory arrived on the market.
Lance Wang
plain nostalgic...
your videos feel like a record of my younger years xD
Pauline Hunter
Thank you for this video and all the rest of your videos for that matter. I immediately purchased 2 DVD RAM discs for my 2 Panasonic VCR/DVD recorders. They work perfectly and have proved very handy! Cheers.
Matt R
We actually used to record video projects on DVD-RAM, because they were easy to drag and drop from video captured on analog camcorders converted to the PC. But we mostly finalized our videos on DVD-R discs because they were cheap and ubiquitous. The format was kind of popular in the professional video editing field in the early to mid 2000s. Until we starting saving video on internal storage that holds some terabytes!
As you said, for me also DVD ram was what I used as a recorder before hard discs were standard in PVR's. I had some weird Chinese model set top DVD / DVD-RAM player / recorder under the TV. Had (and probably still have somewhere) a DVD Ram drive & discs but never really used it for PC data storage
Trashy Coon
DVD-RAM worked well on Mac OS. At that time, the OS didn’t ask you a bunch of questions like Windows did.
Xephros Games
I still have my grandmothers dvd camera with the micro discs, bunches of memories.
Frik J
You should do a history lesson on SuperDisk 😀

Love your videos, keep up the awesome work!
Spastic Teacher
My father used those disks when he worked as a graphic designer for a large advertising agency. His G3 Mac at work used them but he used the DVD-Ram in the plastic cartridge. The g3 dvd Drive was designed to take the plastic cartridge
Why didn't I even know about them? Back in 2008 I would have bought a bunch of them.That was exactly what I was looking for at that time... and noone told me it existed.
Blu ray ram ? Pls ?
scotty rose
Love your videos. Keep up the good work!
Geo Sukarno
I love all your knowledge videos. This DVD-RAM topic is a new knowledge for me.
If you're reading this.

Check your backup CDs and DVDs, see if they're still fully readable. Go, now. Check them out.
I really liked them and used them a lot! Thanks for the video 🌞
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History of Rome - Documentary DVD-RAM: The Disc that Behaved 2 days ago   58:24

In this video, we examine the history of the Roman Empire, from its rise to its fall.

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