WW3 fears as Ukraine calls up army Royal Navy HMS Duncan warship 2 days ago   04:24

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WW3 fears are raging amid fears Russia is about to invade Ukraine as Kiev called up its army reserves following the latest clashes in the Black Sea.

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Angelo O'Klonis
Bible prophecy is very clear on this account. WWIII will break out but not because of Russia and Ukraine. The war will start with the King of the North (the final version of the EU or Holy Roman Empire) when it attacks the King of the South. The King of the South is the leading terrorist nation in the Middle East and through its infamous proxies foments terrorism, antisemitism, etc. See Daniel 11:40.
C morgan Morgan
Dont worry trump likes sucking commie dick so do most conseratives
Stealth Andy Steath
We should stay out of it. Nato should have nothing to do with it.
James Bond
russia is illegally occupying Crimea and East Ukraine!
Mike Becket
Its only world war if the world gets into a war
Russia is a big Bully,f.Rusians.
Babak Rainy
Oh My God ,Both nations are lovely and they dont need war ,,,,,,,,,,,,,(Babak from Iran)
Ali Yılmaz
Putin söyledim haksız yere size saldırırsa yada siz haksız yere ona saldırırsanız her ölen insanın bedelini çok ağır ödeyecek siniz kaç defa söylüyeyim
Congloi 10041977 Duong
Thang cho
Kibila Wazebanga
Ukrain cant stand Russians
Russia will no waste time in invasion , if things get worse russia will clear the way with tsar bombs to make it quick
How is this news?
asif shekhsanadi
Respect for mother Russia and president Putin
Juan Fabiani
The call for the activation of reserves was answered by 22% of those called procedng to Russia and asking for asylum to avoid being called back, thats what ukrainian troops think of this parody mounted by Poroshenko.
John Woodard
Not all is as it seems here dig deep here you will find eu money here and its not going too Putin the nwo is trying for war again
And nato or Us don’t to be there
Randy Ranes
What a joke, if Russia invaded it would be over n days. Poroshenko is a western puppet wagging the dog.
Andrew Popchuk
Just fight already!
E. Ray Reichley
Obama, and your darling Hillary started the mess in Ukraine, and now
they want to penalize Russia for their Failed coup. Here is a little
History Lesson. In late April, 2014, Vice President Biden visited
Ukraine, during the trip, Biden announced U.S.aide package for Ukraine,
focused on energy and the economy.." And then:. Ukraine’s largest
private gas producer announced that the son of U.S. Vice President
Joseph Biden is joining its board of directors. According to Burisma
Holdings, R. Hunter Biden will oversee the company’s legal unit and
“will provide support for the Company among international organizations.
(Beau Biden was the son who passed away a several months ago)” It is
also reported that the US Secretary Of State Mr. Kerry's son's college
roommate was also appointed to this Board.....Just a coincidence, that
this man did a huge amount of Fund Raising for Kerry's last election.
Since then Hunter Biden was released from the US Navy, for Cocaine
use..... This is what started this whole mess...The US, EU, and western
oil companies after the gas, and oil under the Black sea, and in
Ukraine. They also wanted to deprive Russia of it's only warm water sea
port, and turn Ukraine into another NATO country, to place their missile
systems....The US, with the help of the CIA funded the overthrow of the
Elected Ukraine government and then installed their own US/EU friendly,
Neo N@zi government in Kiev.....(Google Azov Brigade, their flag even
has a swastika on it, in a number of pictures). ( Also Google,the Leaked
phone call between Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who
worked under SEC Hillary Clinton, and the US ambassador to Ukraine,
Geoffrey Pyatt, that discussed who the USA was going to put into power
of the new government of Ukraine.) This in turn has created the civil
war in Ukraine, eastern Ukraine citizens do not want to be governed by
the new US led puppet government in Kiev. The US is #$%$ because their
Shenanigans did not get them the prize they were wanting , which is the
rights to the oil under the Black Sea, which are reported to be in the
Trillions, and of course this would have lowered Europe's dependency on
Russian oil, they also wanted to put NATO in Russia's only warm water
sea port.....but Putin outmaneuvered them. For the last three years
Obama, and sidekick Kerry are screaming FOUL, and it seems the Trump
Administration is blindly following their lead. American Politics, Seems
the only God our America Government knows today is, More Money, and
More Power, and to Hell with the Truth, and Justice this country was
founded on.
Bong Torio
Gog and magog..
AsiA I.
time to set up badgeR'' traps to catch  badgeRs
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Royal Navy HMS Duncan warship WW3 fears as Ukraine calls up army 2 days ago   10:43

Royal Navy HMS Duncan warship faced ‘brazen hostility’ swarmed by 17 Russian fighter jets - Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has said a Royal Navy warship faced ‘brazen hostility’ as 17 Russian fighter jets dangerously buzzed it off the coast of Crimea. Footage of the encounter with HMS Duncan as it led a Nato fleet through the Black Sea in May this year has been released as a four-part documentary on the Type 45 destroyer is to be aired on Channel 5. The Russian jets are seen flying so close that the aircraft’s electronics could have been scrambled by the Portsmouth-based warship’s radar system leaving the potential for them to crash.

Mr Williamson said: ‘Over the past year, HMS Duncan and her crew have embodied the key role the UK plays in Nato. ‘As Nato flagship, she has faced down brazen Russian hostility in the Black Sea with jets buzzing overhead, been stalked by Russian spy ships and played a vital role protecting Nato allies during the British, American and French strikes against Syr99ian chemical weapons facilities.

‘Through her deployment, this world-leading ship and her crew epitomised the nation we are going to be as we exit the EU – a truly global Britain which is outward-looking and engaged on the world stage.’ Commodore Mike Utley, who was leading the Nato task force from Duncan, said: ‘HMS Duncan is probably the only maritime asset that has seen a raid of that magnitude in the last 25 years.’ He added: ‘I think their tactics are naive. What they don’t know is how capable the ship is.

‘When you see that much activity, I think it reinforces the nature of what people expect at the moment and why there is a challenge from Russia.’ The footage shows the jets circling the ship before returning to Russian airspace with one of the pilots sending a message to Duncan’s crew, saying: ‘Good luck, guys.’

The documentary shows one of Duncan’s sailors saying they felt the message could have been a warning to the ship while another said: ‘They had 17 aircraft, we have 48 missiles – I think we’re going to win that one.’ Commander Eleanor Stack, Duncan’s captain, said: ‘To me if felt unprecedented. There were more aircraft than we have seen in a long time.’ Earlier, Duncan had launched its Merlin Mk2 helicopter to hunt a Russian spy ship spotted on radar. Lieutenant Commander James Smith said of the Nato presence in the Black Sea: ‘They may consider it to be escalatory, we certainly don’t. But it depends on how you spin the narrative. The one thing the Russians are very good at is spinning a narrative. ‘We have to demonstrate and create our own as well. They can scream and shout all they want but we still have the right, as do all these units, to be where we are, operating how we are.’ The first episode of Warship: Life at Sea was on Channel 5 last night.

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