Juan Can't Cuss | David TRY NOT to LAUGH or GRIN - David Lopez 1 day ago   04:08

David Lopez
Juan can’t cuss! Why would that be?!

Check out Korbin Miles

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braydon Beltran
I thought he said gods words
Mr. Josh Worsthorriblename
Wait, isn't that him who's working at Best Buy? You know, Korbin Miles...
Jose Mendez
Hahahahahahahahaha 👍
King Patzandor
Why was he swearing in gibberish?
Adrian Canez
3:59 funniest part of the video
Milololo -
Ice Flower
Ice Flower
Holy Flapjack
I am not gonna lie. I forgot this guy existed and I am not disappointed
Rayaan Mirza
I don’t think I can ever FORGIVE

-Juan 2019
Zaida Ruiz
Keeping it family friendly!
Aedres Rahmudin
Thats the funniest bad word i have ever heard
Paulina Saldivar
I love Juan so much
i eat toast
idkwhattocallmyname :/
*This is a Christian server*

*dont cuss or you're goin to hell*
t mckenzie
Funny video. 😅😊😎
Kng Chicken
He’s a movie star
Paul The psn gamer
This whomps!
Mr. Paradox
wHeReS tHE bEeP gUy, are u tHe bEeP GUY??
When he made a curse word cumtalatata I CANT STOP LAUGHING😂😂😂
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