Kiev doesn't want war with Rebuilding Russia's 'Red Zion' 2 days ago   07:33

Ukraine's declared martial law to ‘protect the country against Russian aggression’. That's after Russia detained three Ukrainian Navy ships off the coast of Crimea on Sunday. Author & Russia analyst Martin McCauley believes the actions taken by Ukraine, could help boost Porosheko's ratings. READ MORE:


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Zacc my cacc
Here is how I understand what the Ukranian leader is trying to do.
Since the current leader has 10% popularity and elections are on December. Send vessels to enter russian waters and then russian government becomes mad and threatens Ukraine into war. Ukranian leader says that they are threatened by war then establishes martial law and pospones election because of the reason of war to stay on power.
Poroshenko should leave Ukraine before Ukrainians hang him beacose nobody want him to be president of Ukraine but hi was put there by western criminals countries as thay puppet his going to take millions of dollars of the country
Slyde InfinitySpinCasts
I think Ukraine is the problem trying to exploit the law of the sea to provoke some unprovokable so seems like a stalemate and then the hard resinating peace that they might need for European Union annexation shall we say.
Carl Chaitanya Hawker
Porosheko is the new dictator for Ukraine and the people there dont even see it .
David Reynoso
Putin play by the Rules Ukraine need help (NATO)
ashutosh sharma
We want USSR again
Roma Kichakov
Ukrainian fucks lol.
Ben B
Keive don’t want war but keep talking shot and running it mouth then cry woof
Tony Randall
Murad Gazdiev is a great reporter, but where is Gayenne Checheckyan these days?
Kevin Ordonez
Declare martial law so no body protest against this tyrant government back by you guys know who
jeff bautista
this is what happened if you let you slaved by a western power..this idiot president think mother russia will not hit them if he tries to make a scene.he just want to stay in power US are behimd in all of this, simply because tgey want this puppet president to stay in power and also to destroy the IMAGE of russia in the european country.
Oggydogg 313
Sounds like he doesn’t want to leave power
Dissident Wolverine
Putin is a cold blooded killer and has done away with all opposition in parliament.
Japanese Fascism War Criminal
Ukraine president is coward...backed with funding and war equipment from nato but still cant fight against russia...coward
Gordej Formaggio
How can they play with Marshall's law??? What if Russia uses Marshall's law each time they think security breach happens?
Arvis Balodis
Traktorist laife cončen slava ukraina
Mr Person01
Ukraine is better off being part of Russia again. The country has been inconsistent since the fall of the Soviet Union. Other nations from the former Union have found success but not Ukraine.
Ukranians joined Nazi because the soviets were killing them and if they not,the whole Ukraine was devastetad. SSSR didnt have a food so they were taking everything from Ukraine.
Many people died of starvation.
Thats why they joined,they wanted to revenge.

Todays ukranians are normal europeans which want to live in peace and freedom,But Russia is using the history against them.
Peter Harry
Kiev does not want war with Russia, Kiev wants U.S and its vassals to have a war with Russia. It is the typical weaker bully standing behind the bigger bully scenario.
Surud Patel
Porochenko is born with his Head deeply buried in his Aarse and had his Brains flushed down the Ukrainian Toilets every time he takes a POOP. Nobody is picking up that.
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Rebuilding Russia's 'Red Zion' Kiev doesn't want war with 2 days ago   03:16

Russia's Jewish Autonomous Region suffered from mass emigration to Israel in the 1990s, but efforts are underway to restore its identity.
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