Undoing Obama's Legacy: 'They've 7 Real Places On Earth That 2 days ago   01:50

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Obama funded terrorists in the Middle East, and handed East Ukraine and Crimea to Putin.

It does make you wonder which side Obama was working for.
priesteres marietje
Let the women talk.
Miele Rodriguez
Obama was worst President Ever. A fake , a fraud, a phony. He divided America. I still hate his guts.
Edward Vaughn
Obama was a coward when it came to Mohammedan terrorism. 1400 years of it and he wanted to "make a new start." FOOL!!!
Hi5 Tilinko
Obama is not someone to be proud of.
Johnnyc drums
YPG/PKK is a wild Communist, ethno-nationalist, narco terrorist gang from the pits of Hell, who regularly commit ethnic cleansing upon Christians and other minorities.
They are less worse than ISIS, and that ain't saying much.
Obama moved to slow and by the time Trump took over Obama's mess the game for Syria was lost.
You pull out get 100 % out of the Middle East with their "forever " wars and let the chips fall.
You will accomplish nothing staying in States that have criminals ,trible gang leader wars and dictatorships on the ground all mixed in together.
Melvin Butters
Obama's legacy of failure wont be forgotten any time soon. Fooled America with identity politics while allowing ISIS to foment and creating more destabilization in libya and ruining the economy of the us for a far left socialist vision that the country is now only beginning to recover from. His failures both at home and on the international stage are almost as bad as jimmy Carter's and both left repercussions that haunt the future of America due to the short sightedness of a socialist president who cared more about helping our enemies than the American people.
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7 Real Places On Earth That Undoing Obama's Legacy: 'They've 2 days ago   06:42

From the mysterious well that converts everything into stones In Knaresborough in North Yorkshire to the never ending lighting strorm in In Western Venezuela over the Catatumbo River, Here are 7 Real Places On Earth That Seem Scientifically Impossible

Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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