Simpsons Movie Decoded! 1-18-2019? BLOOD MOON Unleashes the BEAST 1 day ago   29:58

This video shows Brunos research into the Simpsons Movie! He is from Poland and claims that on January 18 2019, something huge is going to happen!

I do not know if anything will happen on the above date! I am sharing this video with you because I found Brunos research very interesting, and I thought my viewers would enjoy hearing it also.

*I do not know if Brunos research is correct, I do not know if anything will happen on the above date! I am still prepping, and I plan to prep for the rest of my life. I am not scared because I am prepared!

*** I am not a doctor! Do not ingest turpentine! Go see a doctor if you think, that you are infected with parasites! ***

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Big Daddy Dack
So what’s this Bruno guy got to say now we’ve passed the date?
A cartoon movie, really.... Stop already with this crap
Dominique Caston
This is true.. The Devil is going around possessing people.. I've seen it with my own eyes.. His spirit has been let loose. Someone I know was consumed by him. This is not a game at all. Spiritual warfare is being waged, evil spirits are about the earth. I've seen a man have no control of his actions, he is suffering, his pain is saddening to me, he tried as hard as he could.. He could not overcome the spirit of lawlessness. He goes about asking the poor to join him and become "Gods" . He approaches me, but he cannot perceive me, I rebuke him Sharply and then I see the pain in the mans eyes, it is the look of one who knows, that the thing inside him is his own worst enemy, yet he cannot do anything to fight against it. Rage, and Fear and Pain he feels. I stumbled across this video randomly; yet what you stated in this video, is just a confirmation of the fact which I have born witness of the wickedness which has come against man; This is a matter of survival for the Entire nation. Soon he will loose all control and become fully engulfed, the man inside will no longer to retain a hold; and the wicked one will have a body of his own. This not a joke, let me repeat that this is very real. I am letting you know that there is darkness at work. The only thing which can protect is Faith in The Most High and Yahoshua HaMasciach, whom he hath no power against.
young vee
who attacked its 22 jan today
Dr Dave1287
Trackstar isn't an anogram of Attack Starts.
Mauromini023 Progameplay
Today 21-1-2019 still Nothing
lll Blood Goat lll
And nothing lol like I said.
Stop the paranoia from taking control and use logic and real research to find truth... Look I know its not as fun as watching the Simpson's but its how adults learn truths..
Well...Another one of the thousands of predictions that failed.
Kelvin Bourke
jan 18th 2019 is the full moon then wolf moon eclipse then blood moon over 3days.. it is the beging of bibical profized rise of the lucifiers son one of the antichrists who now walks amounst us.. The rein of the evils ones time on earth are near to fall.. along with his followers n false teachers n those pegons n gentiles an churches who have been decieved! bye many who have been taught wrongly.. Turn to Jesus n no others!! Be saved ask him into your heart ,sprit ,mind .. recieve his blessing n rise up..The end is here n now! feast on his word!! not fathum with the demonics any longer.. Ask and he will hear and respond.. The lost will be forgotten and parish.. we are in our last hours.. there nothing to decode in Jesus promise..
Dr. Jennifer Daniels has the formula and info on (Food Grade only) Turpentine. Her story is interesting!
Nick Economidis
The video doesn’t scare your way of thinking 💭 scares me 😱
r v
On that date,
I came to know what love really feels like,
I fell in love with a girl.
I know her since childhood.
She's perfect for me.
Mark A
Well it’s jan 22 now
Tana Bello
I looked up the event a boy was saved by his homework in arizona to check the date its no where to be found i believe this is tru keep your eyes on the sky
Keiyonte Patterson
What he say he did to clean his system from parasites
Sailor Angel
That's mine daughter birthday hehe if your wise look: 7+7=14+7=20=21=20 on which makes time's and time and half time that's when it starts the attack you were not far from the truth.
(Revelations) remember the super full wolf moon.
Hollywood makes holy thing's look unholy and unholy look holy do not get confounded or follow Hollywood which to me their not Holy but drug addicts (Holly molly) taking of poor chasing world glory and into unholy thing's . Judgment as come and it's already here.
SKY Laretta
Today is January 21st .... nothing happen 😂👎🏼
Henry Yap
Now 22nd January, nothing happen.
Yehudah Benlewi
Then the blue light remember the blue light it was on the news a couple of weeks ago that people sighted a blue light but they was telling people it was something electric you it was more than that Brothers datascout on the news and say oh and looked like a alien craft and people took pictures of it people actually got pictures of it it was like a blue light that was in the sky or somewhere where everybody could see it but they got the continent to come onto the TV to tell people it was like some kind of electrical malfunction or something but it was a blue light it was in the air blue light that lit up the sky that could have been something guys look into it
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BLOOD MOON Unleashes the BEAST Simpsons Movie Decoded! 1-18-2019? 1 day ago   24:00

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