Riding in a Driverless Taxi at CES 2019! What's inside COOL TECH 2 days ago   05:05

Marques Brownlee
From the back seat of a completely self-driving, driverless taxi in Las Vegas 🤯
Yandex project: https://sdc.yandex.com
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Rob Sch
Unpopular opinion: If all cars were self driving on the road, the roadways would be much safer than they are now.

Only iffy spot is incliment weather.
Bryan G
what if there system is hacked?
Yandex is a Google counterpart in Russia.
Stu Pedasso
I enjoy driving my own car, and have zero interest in a self driving car.
Bima Le Beau
Good ride, Mark ass brown lee. 😅
yandex is a fascist propaganda machine
Cornelius Shivambu
self driving cars are our future since it's way more safe to be drivan by a computer than a human
I hope this gets so popular and cheap even for personal cars that all these insurance companies which charge like monopolies get shutdown because less accidents, low car insurance and smaller budgets for these companies to operate
Tyler Cereghino
Hey, its better than the taxi drivers in gta
Moneerali 0
Josh S-TV
Holy Bible
Save me some Tips.
How will Yandex make it unhackable and unstealable?
Amoursky Alexandre
Рандомный русский комментарий.
Konrad Pietruszka
They can map my commute and I can test it twice a day ;)
why are people so mad when they realize this driveless taxi is developed by Russians?
Sam K
Yandex is a Russian company! GG Russia!
Giovanni Caravez
This was really interesting. I think that I would feel safe riding around the city like under 45mph but once it gets to highway speeds like 65-80mph I would be pretty nervous riding in the car. I'm from the SF bay area and drivers out here are crazy IDK how the self driving AI would handle people cutting it off or tailgaters.
Modern Modern
Maybe they tricked you through driving the car from a distance with remote control!!!! And of course traffic simulation!!!
Yan from Yandex is from Yandere.
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What's inside COOL TECH Riding in a Driverless Taxi at CES 2019! 2 days ago   11:18

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