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The president of Japan's Olympic Committee, Tsunekazu Takeda, has been indicted in France on corruption allegations, a judicial source confirmed on Friday.

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ご ご
In Japan, the general public is excellent. But, a politician and a bureaucrat are the same as an autocracy.
Ninja ZXR
Takeda sent large sum of money to the obvious ghost company. However, the Japanese media protect Takeda desperately. In this backdrop, does The huge advertising agency which rules Japan influence it strongly? The Japanese media cannot report "Japanese darkness". Japanese media always run away from reality.
No Ra and Li
Thank you France! Merci Beaucoup France! Great France! Japan is "Japan, Inc." that politician, bureaucrat, judiciary, economic world, gang, media, all of them were united. It's not a common constitutional state. Therefore they arrested Mr. Carlos Ghosn. There is no independent organization in Japan really. It's never possible for the Japanese to correct Japan. Please disclose "darkness of Japan" by the French judiciary. Please investigate it so that the Tokyo Olympic Games is called off. Please destroy Tokyo Olympic Games. The Tokyo Olympic Games only disrupts finance of Japan. It lets only the governing classes be rich. And only makes Japanese many peoples unhappy. The normal Japanese peoples don't wish them.
This is the cheap revenge for Ghosn's case. No matter what French government tried, he must go to jail. Japan is different from any other countries in Europe.
ATH Breas
Indict Macron for treason against the French nation, a globalist puppet of the criminal Marxist EU.
The french are bad losers
I don't think this case has anything to do with Nissan's case. Rumors on this corruption have been around quite sometime.
G Mahler
Trading him for Carlos Ghosn?
Carlos Ghosn is going to be in jail anyway.
Stop playing game France.
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BREXIT - Furious Brexiteers raise Head of Japan's Olympic Committee 2 days ago   1:02:38

"Mister Speaker" John Bercow was at the centre of furious Commons scenes as MPs squabbled over the potential process of bringing forward a Brexit plan B.

The Commons Speaker faced a backlash from Conservative MPs after selecting an amendment from Tory former minister Dominic Grieve, which aims to ensure Prime Minister Theresa May returns with a revised EU exit plan within three sitting days if her original Brexit deal is defeated.

Mr Grieve’s amendment wants to speed up the process for a plan B and seeks to change a Government motion detailing the timetable for the Brexit deal debate, which Tory MPs argued was “unamendable”.

Mr Bercow stood by his decision, telling the Commons: “My understanding is the motion is amendable, I’m clear in my mind about that.”

After heckles from the Tory benches, he added: “I’m trying to do the right thing and make the right judgments. That is what I have tried to do and what I will go on doing.”

Tory former minister Mark Francois, deputy chairman of the Eurosceptic European Research Group (ERG), claimed Mr Bercow was not following his own rules.

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