The Rise of Renewable Energy in The USA! How a four-legged mowing system keeps 3 months ago   14:20

Richard Aguilar
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Las Vegas Switches to 100 Percent Renewable Energy.
California Commits To 100 Percent Clean Energy.
Aspen powers up- City runs 100% on renewable energy.
California's Plan to Get to 100 Percent Clean Energy.
Hayward Parts Ways with PG&E, Switches to 100 Percent Renewable Energy.
Hawaii Aims for 100 Percent Renewable Power by 2045.
California to generate most of its power from renewable energy
San Jose Adopts Green Energy Plan.

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Battery storage and electric cars plugged in get paid to absorb solar during day and release it for the 4pm-11pm peak.
Ryan Miller
The coal guy said he prefers to think of coal as clean. What a lie!
John Chow
Solar Cells, batteries, controllers and wind generators are no longer viable. Thanks to tariffs!
Richard Roberson
its not like this was some political fight that was one....its simply cheap enough now, and utility prices continue to rise some 5% a year so at some point itll be economical to have all power production during sunlight hours be solar

now going beyond that to overproducing during sunlight hours to use it at night is dependent on battery costs which are effectively 300-500$/kwh on the open market outside of the car industry (where they're sold out as thats where they're worth the most)

replacing gas in a car is a better ROI than replacing natural gas energy in a house
power plant>>>> efficient than a car engine

as soon as demand for cars starts to slow and theres capacity at 100$/kwh for grid storage you'll see significant installations

until then not worth it
the australian battery for was outages used for maintenance, not for grid storage, entirely different costs
Mike Cerretta
Go green screw PG&E we don't need coal it'll never be clean or natural gas go with Green Mountain or any green company
Bee be Cee
Jacqueline B Tocci
Its a solution and I heard of good results!
JAMES! Since the 70's
When it comes to the environment. You can NOT look at it as economics we gotta put earth first!
JAMES! Since the 70's
Talking about choices! Don't ppl realise the monopoly the power companies have! They are giving a option the way I see it. But that's just my opinion! I get my power from the sun anyway!
IF many States are switching to Renewable Energy is THANKS TO CHINA
Patrice Ng
Question: How do you recycle the toxic solar panel?
glenn goodale
I like how you get the most renewable energy info. ... thanks for sharing
Cees Timmerman
Aspen saying burning coal is clean? I guess they'd know with their underground coal fire that's been burning since 1910.
promotes moonbeam, bashes Trump.
It doesn't mean anything till we get better batteries.
Kevin Lane
Wonderful work, California and Hawaii.:-D
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How a four-legged mowing system keeps The Rise of Renewable Energy in The USA! 3 months ago   02:59

Despite the advantages they offer in terms of leveraging renewable resources, solar farms also bring with them special challenges. Among these is controlling vegetation growth around the panels--essential for ensuring a consistent, stable power source, but a laborious and time-consuming task. While some facilities use traditional or automated lawn mowers, others are taking a four-legged approach.

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