Ukraine War - Failed Pro-Russian Attack: Best Robbery Fails Instant 3 weeks ago   10:03

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This footage from Ukraine was captured after a failed Pro-Russian attack on Ukrainian Forces somewhere in the area around Lugansk in August 2014.

The video shows a element of Pro-Russian rebels supported by BTR and BMP fighting vehicles advancing over an open field with no cover as they recive accurate Ukrainian army rifle, machine gun, grenade launcher and RPG fire to the point the attack could not held out any more further and the rebel forces had to retreat.

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This footage is part of an war archive of the war in Ukraine and should be viewed as educational. This footage is not meant to glorify war or violence.

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WarLeaks - Military Archive
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Good shit Ukranians, if only we Americans were there to help you kick those Russians out. I wish you all the absolute best
*Flashbacks to the Winter War*
Miller Gee
Guy hip firing a pkp no big deal
Sylvio Brasil
Ukrainians have set 3 pro-russian tanks on fire and desteoyed
they were some peasants and no Russian soldiers otherwise all Ukrains there would be already dead and you know it
Ork Bo
Ukraine driven by neo-Nazis wages a civil war with its own citizens who refused to accept the dictatorship of the Nazis. Uraina considers Stepan Bender to be his hero, who was a Nazi and who was guilty of killing thousands of Ukrainians, Poles, Jews, and organizing ethnic cleansing. All who do not agree to submit to the regime of the Nazis in Ukraine declared "separatists." The criminals who were given an amnesty were enlisted in the army of Ukraine and now they are robbing and killing their own citizens. Thousands of citizens of Ukraine, regardless of their nationality, religion or language, became refugees. They flee to Poland, Russia, Belarus.
Do u see this video? It was ukrainian tank, and "Pro-russians" blow it, but they lost their btr. And its not russian army, its anti-ukrain army (Newrussians army)
Physics Guy
I just drank a fifth of vodka, dare me to drive an APC?
i like how they casually walk away like oh well mission failed..
NOT An Unmarked Vauxhall Astra
For those who wan't to scroll through this comment...Please, PLEASE don't. there a fucking war on this Comment section.
Ratibor Ratibor
Я ветеринарный врач.и я сука знаю что по полю идти это самоубийство. Дебилы. Пулемет 600 метров нахуй скосит всех, АГС 1600 метров, снайпера 800 местров, минометом до 6000 метрой. Вы как мухи на столе, дебилы.
Juan Batista
Yep real stupid to advance across that open field towards an enemy that is already in place and ranging you . However , where was the mortars and heavy machine gun fire that should have wiped them all out as they retreated . It appears to me that both sides are lacking in some way . It seems to me that the World is not giving enough arms support to Ukraine .
Viktor Kot
Things have been getting a whole lot worse for the Ruskie Scum in Eastern Ukraine this year. The Ukrainian Armed Forces has had a radical overhaul, gone are the ragtag volunteer militias and instead professional, NATO trained Ukrainian ground forces have been steadily and slowly retaking territory in the east against the Russian backed terrorists.

Once again proving that Russia itself would stand no chance in a conventional war against the modern 21st century NATO alliance. Putin knows this, he realises that his military is third world compared to the West. So instead he works to subvert the alliance from within by funding neo-Nazi parties like UKIP, Front Nationale, AFD, Swedish Democrats and the Austrian FNO (founded by an SS officer) that works to dismantle the EU and NATO.

Such groups need to be smashed to pieces and their members jailed (or liquidated if necessary).
All Russian intelligence operatives working in the West identified and killed.
Shut down all pro-Russian propaganda outlets spreading anti-Western poison.
Take out American neo-Nazis like Bannon.
Shut down the pro-Trump/Putin Nazi sites like 4Chan.
Arrest Trump.

The modern day Nazis are led and coordinated from Moscow by Putin who sees himself as leading the fight back against modern Liberal democracy. We will never let him win. We beat the Nazis before and we'll do it again.

Death to the ultra-nationalists.
Украинцы хуярят друг друга. Позырим.
The APC that was driving on fire in the middle of it all was funny. Everything going to shit for them and on top of that their rides are fucked lol
Андрей А. П.
Лютая и бесславная смерть расейским фашистам-оккупантам!!!!!
science & technology
ruSSians occupants sucks 🤣😀
Cavax 95
The dream of each Ukrainian is to move to another, better world. Clean the streets and steal
Good job Russia. Poland supports
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Best Robbery Fails Instant Ukraine War - Failed Pro-Russian Attack: 3 weeks ago   14:11


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