What most people miss The Middle East's cold war, 3 months ago   03:08

The conflict in Ukraine is more than just Russian aggression. It's deep historical roots are causing a modern-day struggle over what kind of country Ukraine should be. Vox's Amanda Taub explains.

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Mr. BarkyVonSchnauzer
Vocal fry is the downfall of the western civilization.
martin ginge
She missed a few important points out:

The government that fled?
Was democratically elected, in elections that were unchallenged by the West, which is why the president was in talks with the West about a huge trade deal., which she noted.

The "separatists?
The people fighting for their rights were forced to do so when the Democratically elected government was ousted bu masked bandits (incidentally the crowd that over-through the government are proudly extreme-right-wing, and would undoubtedly be banned and classed as a terrorist group in any European country)Now what would you do if you saw your government taken over by masked bandits? The can hardly ask for new elections if these people simply run out of town democratically elected politicians. Naturally, they are fighting to free themselves from tyranny.

I could go on, suffice to say, theirs not only a lot more to it; but in the above what was said was slightly slanted.

I have no ties, in anyway, to Ukraine or Russia, but as you can only a little cursory knowledge tells you that there's something dodgy going on.How can you cover this and not mention that the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT was OVERTHROWN?
It seems that the Ukraine is two countries. It should be formally split along political divisions and the eastern part should decide whether to remain indepenent or be annexed by Russia.
greatly made video!
Dustin Young
Yet again VOX gets it wrong. Let's address the little green men. Yes the eastern part of the country is ethnically Russian.But the real question is "Was the separatist movement incited by the Kremlin and by Russians in the Donetsk region?" The answer is yes. So the Russian government did violate Ukrainian sovereignty.
Anfisa Nechehova
Putins goal is to stay in charge until death. He forces to some kind of union "Russian world" to lead it. Also the conflict zones help to keep Ukraine and Georgia from NATO. Belorussia might be next target.
ZERO knowledge of Ukraine history ! in 19 century there was no ukraine except tiny place on the bring of Don river . ussr created Ukraine when Lenin gave them Donetsk , Luhansk and Odessa...then Staline added western part taken from Poland and Romania. and befour that was several gifts from Russian czars..its all in the effort to crate buffer zone between militant Europeans and Russia...ENTIRE este of ukraine was build by Russian czars starting from Ekaterina II . thats why east of ukraine full of monuments of her
Justin Y.
America needs to spread democracy in Ukraine.
katia Shipilova
YOU CANT say Stalin orchestrated a famine that essentially killed millions of Ukrainians because he orchestrated a famine that killed millions of our own people, russian, latvian , unkranian, soviet , we all suffered just as bad as eachother. this is misinformation
anirban bhattacharya
Soviet Reunion
It is totally ok, people who live in a country can determine which country they should have. Maybe a separation is a right way. International law is not relevant here I do not accept the end of the video.
Volodymyr Konovalov-Lisin
As a person experiencing all this from the inside and having an international opinions heard — I think this video is a complete fraud and a journalistic profanation. What have become of once interesting and journalistic (at it's best) Vox? (
Must admit that an accent on the historical roots of the problem are correct as an approach... but completely fails at journalistic value.
Robert Phillips
there was a huge build up of neo nazi's in ukraine aswel. and said party become the populest party too O-o
One can understand that russia dont want NATO agression tropps on its borders..
I was living in central Ukraine but i speak russian so this is not true!
Κωνσταντίνος Χρυσοστόμου
It annexed it *

And no, it was always Russian. It’s the Europeans who tried to “Europeanise” Ukraine, not the opposite
Isaiah Cardenas
No one gives a dam about Ukraine they shouldn't even exist there governments is nothing like Germany during ww2 their killing their people they only care about the rich and wealthy so no one likes you Ukraine I pray to god that Ukraine will be part of Russia one day
Ali Jamile
truth or a lie comment below
Лео Полищук
Putin and Poroshenko aren't doing anything good to stop this conflict. Putin could always just stop sending support for the separatists, while Poroshenko can always just turn the Donbass region into an Officially Russian speaking state, just like French Quebec is in Canada, which can relieve the oppressed ethnic Russians.
Yeah all though i believe that if Russia would actually invade Ukropland they would've won the next day.
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The Middle East's cold war, What most people miss 3 months ago   10:19

How two feuding countries are tearing apart the Middle East.

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The Saudis and Iranians have never actually declared war on each other. Instead, they fight indirectly by supporting opposing sides in other countries and inciting conflicts. This is known as proxy warfare.
And it’s had a devastating effect on the region. Countries, especially poor ones, can’t function if there are larger countries pulling strings within their borders.

And that’s exactly what's happening in the Middle East. The Saudi-Iranian rivalry has become a fight over influence, and the whole region is a battlefield.

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