India: How women filmmakers are making Are there benefits to schadenfreude? Listen 2 days ago   06:09

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As India struggles with the push for equality, we meet Rohena Gera, one of the growing number of female filmmakers emerging from the sub-continent.

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Only Weak Men
Fear Strong Women
Libral Mullah-Allah اللہ
Why Left/Atheist is Carrying About Hindu & India , Which they hate 😂
😎 SabriMala is Higher in News Then Yellow West 🤣🤣😂
Gyani Sarvagyata
Why Sabarimala? That too always! Pretty much bored by the amount of attention it is getting.
Miele Rodriguez
The bigotry of your low expectations.
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Are there benefits to schadenfreude? Listen India: How women filmmakers are making 2 days ago   06:16

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Do you take pleasure when someone undeserving of their success have a spot of bad luck? Not even a little pleasure? Well, if you do (like, apparently, most of us) you might like to learn the word 'schadenfreude' and the concept behind it. Rob and Neil talk about this German word also used in English and teach you new vocabulary.

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