How Fake News Sparked a War in Ukraine Russia and Ukraine's conflict explained 1 day ago   05:23

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“It’s a clear information war.” - Pavlo Klimkin, Foreign Minister of Ukraine

From President Donald Trump's victory in the US elections, to the Dutch elections to Brexit, Russia has been implicated by intelligence agencies for using fake news to manipulate votes. The warning bell was first rung in Ukraine, where a misinformation campaign of Russian propaganda led to the annexation of Crimea in 2014, and conflict in Donbass in Eastern Ukraine.

The Ukrainian military and the StopFake community, including news host Marko Suprun and chief editor Yehven Fedchenko, continue to fight back against fake news today.

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It has been almost 2 years since Donald Trump was elected America’s 45th president. And with that, the term Fake News entered the public consciousness in a big way. Why are fake news stories so pervasive, popular and problematic? Is it because, as some experts suggest, fake news supports a strain of tribalism, an us vs them world view where consumers use fake news to reject views they do not agree with? From Europe to Southeast Asia, we look at how social fault lines (race, religion, social class, nationalism) can be further widened by disinformation and what we are doing about it.


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Timur Mirzadganov
Incredible idiocy..... How can you even talk about fake news using such material???
TrollFace Nationalist
Lol. WW1, WW2, Cold War, Holy War, and then the Internet War. Too bad there's no such crimes in the internet, otherwise i'd BE IN THE INTERNET JAIL!!! That reminds me of when I bombed myself virtually over the internet along with my Troll friends against the M******!!! XD
Janusz Łącki
Stalin eternally alive - only methods are more camouflaged today
Russia will never become a true super power like the U.S
They forgot to mention Russia invented propaganda trolls for internet comments. See the comments here from them.
Josef Barada
Fuck russia ,piss and shit
Vladislav Kochetkov
This is crap fake news. One sided propaganda paid by British or USA governments.
DeGroots TUM
100% why Russia invaded Ukraine. Totally not because Russia needed a show of power so that NATO wouldn't gain any territory. Totally not because they genuinely wanted/needed access to the Black Sea for trade to help their worsening economy. No they invaded Ukraine because of fake news that the Russians created. Russians created tension in anticipation of an invasion of the Ukrainian mainland so that the people there that spoke Russian, were ethnically Russian, and wanted to be part of Russia would fight against 'fascist' Ukraine. I personally do not believe that Ukraine is fascist, I want them to remain neutral, doing so could avoid more conflict. Russia is appearing greedy invading other countries, had they not done that I might have more support for them.
Big Sky Prepping
This video is fake news
Johnny Bump
I hope that they find a way to love one another.
AHenStew 90
OMG!!! this is the most real propaganda I've heard for a long time....
So their is no extreme nationalists (nazis) in Ukraine...?
So Ukrainians did not burn pro-russians in Odessa on 2nd May 2014?
Ryssians interfered in US elections... Even if they did so what...? Such hypocrisy... As if the US never interfered.... Time to realise nobody trust the Clinton's anymore and had to try something new (trump...)
Russia interfered in brexit... UK did not need Russia for that... Haha
US listened to Merkel conversation... Not a word about this.
Russia interfered in the Dutch election... Who gives a f**k in the largest tulip economy...
Last thing Russia needs is a war in Ukraine. It needs Ukraine to be its ally and its needs stability to grow economically....
OMG... This is such lies. I think even the USSR's press was maybe more objective... Hahaha
Autism Science
"Russian intention to destabilise Ukraine"
Please also update us on the American intention to destabilise Canada and destabilise Mexico. And British intention to destabilise Ireland.
But hang on, why would they want to do that?
With those lie-words it becomes clear that this is just more propaganda lies from Nato goons.
tik tok
so ur telling me that somone said : urkraine people are gay
and it started war?
what have u ben on?
This video is complete Fake News!
Walker Lot
Maślak TV PL
Crimea is Russian territory.

Look at all the dangers of 'fake news'.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Be careful of the 'fake news' you read online.

Trust mainstream big media sources for 'real news'.

When the authorities police and clamp down on 'fake news',

they only do that to preserve your security and prevent war.
So...what is the odessa masacre and the bombimg of donetsk and lugansk and the nazis marching in kiev...
Marc Ariss
This is a one sided propaganda piece itself.
CYKA BLYAT Stop pushing this Russia/U.S. Election narrative. Shillary lost, get over it.
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Russia and Ukraine's conflict explained How Fake News Sparked a War in Ukraine 1 day ago   06:10

What's going on between Russia and Ukraine? From natural gas theft to Russia's seizure of Ukrainian gunboats, here's everything you need to know about the two former Soviet states. #Ukraine #Russia #Soviet

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