Spoiled Teen Thinks Shes Dr Phil Kicks Guest Off Show 2 days ago   11:48

This spoiled Teen girl thinks shes perfect and Dr Phil is having none of Tamara! Thanks for checking out the React Couch! Check out our other Dr Phil Videos! Daily Gameplay: http://twitch.tv/cinnamontoastken
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I often worked in LA at a studio named "Rodeo", like the cowboy, when I lived there. But some street 30 mins away spelled the same and I'm supposed to call it "Rodayo"? Thats why I hated living there with such a passion.
Joseph Steitz
5:06 I think you meant parents but you said pants.
Mel Mel
For your health! (Dr Steven Brule on adult swim reference)
Shane Black
Props to the editor. 😂😂😂
Lea e
0:04 when you stub your toe at night 😂
Are you saying people with acne are ugly? Bc if so that is fucked up
Scientia Draco
If it takes you that long to get ready, you are not perfect :/
Morrisa Freeman
Please don't do any more videos with buff pro. He laughs about everything and he is so annoying
Morrisa Freeman
This video was made 1 day after my birthday
Drocile Kiba
I couldnt stop laughing at "RODAYO!!!!" 😝😂😂😂😂
Tarsha Micola Von Furstenrecht
who raises their kid like that
Natsuki Chan
I live in Alabama and can confirm 😂
Fumetsu Fenix
Need two lazy boys and a back drop. Like a curtain or something.
Hunter Petrovich
If she’s so perfect then she shouldn’t need that 7 pounds of make up😉
i live in Alabama and he ain't wrong lmao
Tomas Gomez
8:52 his face is like: “this is so much bullshit...”
Ally Jay
The most natural beauty takes $7,000 a month to maintain...
Drake Shade
confirmed 9 year olds, must be subscribed to pewds
Taylor Daniel
The mighty Scott has spoken!
Melissa Smith
send her to the ranch
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Dr Phil Kicks Guest Off Show Spoiled Teen Thinks Shes 2 days ago   10:04

Dr phil kicks guest off the show who is a proclaimed holy man for laughing at his girlfriends husband thats asking for help. You can't make this insane stuff up. REACT COUCH!!
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