How humans disrupted a cycle essential What If You Detonated a Nuclear Bomb 2 days ago   04:38

How one animal dug up carbon and put it back into the atmosphere at an astounding pace.

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Carbon cycles through earth at a steady pace. Plants and microorganisms absorb carbon, which helps them grow. Animals and bacteria eat the plants, breathe out carbon into the atmosphere, and take some carbon underground when they die. And a similar process happens in the ocean. It's nearly a closed loop, although some plants and animals don't decay fast enough so they turn into fossil fuel, which traps the carbon underground. But one animal started to dig up that carbon — and burn it.

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Happy friday everyone!
Murat Can Efe
we effed up guys
Shaunny Deagan
Their defective ideology which is Christianity they can have that in return.
Снежный Джони
0:18 im pretty sure that all starts from a cell
Samuel Calame
This is so important
Jim 762
Global Warming Myth ......
Fred is aus the venision
50 years ago mother nature
Could have saved mankind.
50 years later mother nature
Is almost dead. 50 years in
The future will there be any
Signs of humankind left!!!🇮🇹
So basically, humans' existence was the worst thing to have ever happened to the planet.
Erick J.
Yasir Irshad
It feels like a slap across these animals faces 😟😟
Erick Pina
So we’re doing the work for the earth, why are the Volcano still erupting?
samad. chouihat
I like the music of this video so much
Garrett Hatcher
Vox is full of smug douchebags
ianJay alibaba
I feel like I'm in kindergarten again
Dango Man
"These Animals"
Sandbox Gamer
Put in the ground or will all fuking die
Corbin Moore
This video was made for children, probably.
Flavius Carp
Wait wut? A vox video without *crisis* of any sort?
Joseph Hart
When things die, they go in the ground guys. "Learning"
Martin Zhang
Quite interesting
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What If You Detonated a Nuclear Bomb How humans disrupted a cycle essential 2 days ago   06:03

Did you ever wonder what happened if you detonated a nuclear bomb in the Marianas Trench? No? We neither! Let us find out together!

This video was inspired by xkcd and a video that shall remain unnamed.

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