Very Spoiled Pit Bulls Deserve Cutest baby animals Videos 2 days ago   03:12

The Dodo
Very Spoiled Pit Bulls Deserve All The Love They Get | These brothers are the most pampered pitties EVER — they even have their own bedroom 💖

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Comments 2669 Comments

Julia Baida
Grapes are a no no for dogs
Abby Ahmed
Who could say no to that butt
J&N MonRoge
I love the way you love ur fur children but DO NOT feed them grapes! I don’t know if anybody mentioned this to you before but grapes and raisins are highly toxic to dogs😱
Blair Mceachern
Yes exactly..pit bull’s are banned from some country’s so they don’t really get to know what love and all that feel’s like.
Alicia Celestine
Awwwwwwww 💞 Adorable 😘😍❤️
keva kinsler
These crazy people need to have children and stop using their dogs as a sub.
Angelique Delpozo
Best dogs in the world!
michele Cromers
what kind of breed are those I like pitbulls but they get to big! this is a perfect size!
What a fucked up relationship with those dogs. Too far. Do they also give the dogs frustration relief?
Kenia Quintana
That’s so sick , but I love it, I would do the same. Jajajaja 😘
ken ho
0:34 that face
Arielle Montgomery
AW! MY PITBULL IS THE SAME! HE LOVES TO BE ON THE COUCH ALL DAY. pitbulls are just big babies. They aren't mean and all that. People make them mean.
Macie B
Find it abit weird people spoiling there dogs this much
Andrew Regas
People who own pits feel like it’s so necessary to show they aren’t scary. It’s just like people who are over the top with guns showing how they aren’t dangerous or people who smoke weed and have to tell you about how it fixes everything or people who are vegan and just have to tell everyone they are vegan. Great you have a pit bull. It may or may not be mean.
Dog Days
Ummmmm...... the women was feeding them GRAPES in the beginning!!! Idk if bullies can eat grapes but I don’t think they can???
Brian Neeley
Awesome dogs! Best loving smart loyal loving dogs to Rescue.
This is beautiful God bless this couple!
Jaime Chamorro
That's a sweet video
Leah hazel
They’re staffies similar to pits but a lot smaller
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Cutest baby animals Videos Very Spoiled Pit Bulls Deserve 2 days ago   10:03

Cutest baby animals Videos Compilation cute moment of the animals - Cutest Animals #6

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